Big Green Deep CarPET Cleaning Machine®

BISSELL Rental's Big Green Deep Carpet Cleaning Machine out-cleans the competition.

Looking for the best rental carpet steam cleaner? Look no further! Our Big Green Deep Carpet Cleaning Machine® features technology designed to clean entire rooms quickly and easily. Our carpet cleaner cleans better, dries faster than the leading rental carpet cleaning machine!*

  • Powerful Rotating DirtLifter® PowerBrush
  • Machine cleans on both forward and backward pass
  • Two-tank system that is easy to fill and empty

*cleaning results compared to the leading carpet cleaning machines based upon measurements of color reflectance and brightness of carpet fibers.  

$24.99 for 24 hour rental*

$34.99 For 48 hour rental*

*price may vary by market or location

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Accessories and cleaning formulas can be found at your rental location.
Attachment Hose
Attachment Hose and Stain Tool

9 foot hose and 6 inch stain tool to help clean tough spots and stains

$3.00 for 24 or 48 hour period  

Advanced Formula

The most powerful deep cleaning formula

$29.99/52 oz bottle
$22.99/32 oz bottle

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We want to hear your stories! Tell us about your experience with the Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine.


Date: 12/1/2014
Name: Lisa
Location: Caledonia, Mi
Product: Bissell Big Green Machine

Fantastic! Our carpet hasn't been cleaned (other than occasionally vacuuming) in 16 years. Its a light beige color. The high traffic areas were a medium brown and there were lots of small dark stains. I rented a Bissell Big Green Machine to see what it could do. A $10 coupon was more than I could resist. We didn't pretreat any area of the carpet. I used multipurpose cleaning solution. The first pass didn't look promising. I was sure I had wasted my money--the carpet was simply too dirty. But there was a LOT of dirt in dirty water tank and we saw some clean streaks. We cleaned the entire room again and saw an amazing improvement. We cleaned it a third time with just water-- it was still picking up some dirt. The carpet does not look like new, but dirt in the high traffic areas is no longer visible and most of the small stains are gone. I wish I had taken before and after pictures. The carpet was dry in a few hours. What a great machine! I am so pleased with the results. The only annoying thing about the machine was the bits of fluff it kept spitting out. It was worth every penny. Thank you Bissell!
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