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When it comes to BISSELL vs. Rug Doctor, we’re pretty happy with the results. But don't just take our word for it. Let our carpet cleaner reviews speak for themselves.

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Date: 5/26/2017
Name: Heidi H
Location: New Hampshire
Product: Bissell Big Green Machine
I was shocked with the results. I'm really hoping it was a faulty machine because it didn't remove any stains from my carpet. The unit barely had suction and didn't even make complete contact with the floor. I'm really dissatisfied and disappointed.

Date: 5/22/2017
Name: John
Location: Henderson, NV
Product: Bissell Big Green Machine
Yesterday, rented a Bissell machine from my nearby Lowe's along with a bottle of cleaner.
Got the machine home and filled it with hot water. Machine very hard to push and pull on the carpeting. I could do it with effort but my wife couldn't move it at all.
I did one bedroom and it was no better than what I got from a rug doctor machine. It was a very good way to work up a sweat forcing that machine all over the room.
The on/off switch was defective. I needed to switch it off/on maybe 25 times and if I was lucky, the machine would finally run. I did one bedroom and threw in the towel. I took the machine back to Lowe's.
It was turned in at the service counter and I told the girl, it was junk compared to the rug doctor. I mentioned the bad switch and told her, that it should be rep0laced. As I finished up with the paperwork, another girl took the machine and put it back in the display to be rented to another victim.
How's that for customer service?

Date: 5/18/2017
Name: Tony
Location: Louisiana
Product: Bissell Big Green Machine
We live in the country and have light colored carpet, with pets and kids in and out all day. I am a fanatic about the carpets and have used the Rug Doctor and Thermax machines regularly. After using the Bissell I will NEVER use anything but this machine again!! It is amazing on how well it cleaned the carpets, the carpets also took no time to dry. I wish I could attach the pics we took of just one pass to show the difference. We had them professionally cleaned last year and this machine did a better job than the nationally known carpet cleaning company we used.

Date: 1/21/2017
Name: Karen
Location: Florida
Product: Bissell Big Green Machine

We rented the green machine and were super happy with how easy it was to use and the results. Would recommend over other machines!

Name: Diana Melchor
Product: Bissell Big Green Machine

We clean our carpet about 3times a year we have 5 kids and an off white colored carpet, we usually rent rug doctor but because the closest retailer was out we got the bissel, what a waste of money!!!! Not only did this machine cost double to rent than the wide track rug doctor, but it cleaned about 1/3 of the surface as the competition.  After wasting time and money on this worthless machine we took it back to lowes, got our money back, and went the extra miles to get the rug doctor. In 30 minutes the rug doctor cleaned what the bissel didn't clean in 90minutes!!!! Never again! Will not ever recomend!

Date: 10/9/2016
Name: Brittany
Harrisburg, PA
Product: Bissell Big Green Machine

This carpet cleaner is the best I've used yet! I rented other brands in the past, but I can Definitely say this one is the best! I will be recommeding this to my friends & family!

Date: 7/17/2016
Name: Michael I
Sullfolk County, NY
Product: Bissell Big Green Machine

I have to say this is one of the greatest carpet machines I ever used!! I have used rug doctor in the past and there is no comparison on the functionality of this great machine. I restored my carpet in my room from 1979!! It looks & feels brand new again!! The amount of dirt this machine picks up I cant describe in the water was beyond black! Not only that it took out most of the stains! Truly a great machine, totally got my moneys worth! Great job BISSELL.  

Date: 5/13/2016
Name: K. Elliot
Product: Bissell Big Green Machine

To the makers of Bissell BigGreen... You are a life saver! My 3 year old son decided to dance/paint my white carpet with chocolate syrup... Not only did he get the carpet he got my clean clothes and our white dog... I used everything I could think of from googling home remedies to borrowing my friends carpet cleaner. Only thing it did to my carpet was make it worse. So I finally gave up and went to Meijer to rent your carpet cleaner. First time going over the carpet it looked better then it did before! We had someone come and professionally clean our carpet and it didn't look this good! Way to go Bissell!!!


Date: 4/3/2016
Name: Caroloine
Location: Toronto, ON
Product: Bissell Big Green Machine

I never write reviews but I just had to after using the Big Green Machine.  I cleaned a very stained carpet that I had cleaned less than a year ago with the Rug Doctor.  The Bissell cleaned the carpet so much better and in much less time.  Almost all the stains came out, even ones that the Rug Doctor had not removed.  The Bissell machine was much easier to use and I was able to clean the whole room with just 1 tank.  With the Rug Doctor I was refilling the tank constantly.  The Bissell also left the carpet much drier - it was only slightly damp when I was done.  I was amazed and disgusted by the dirty water I poured out of the used water tank.  I cleaned the whole room a 2nd time just to get it extra clean and it still pulled out some pretty disgusting water.  I'm really impressed - I'll be using the Bissell Big Green Machine from now on.

Date: 2/27/2016
Name: Tracy
Location: Bradenton, FL
Product: Bissell Big Green Machine

This is the second time in a year that we have rented the Bissell Big Green Machine from Lowes and it is far superior to the Rug Doctor machines.  It has a rotating brush on the bottom of the machine that picks up a lot of dirt and dog hair.  I vacuum everyday because I have three dogs and severe allergies.  I am amazed at all the dirt and disgusting things the Big Green Machine picked up.  A far superior machine then any thing I have ever rented.  Great job Bissell!!

Date: 9/2/2015
Name: Keturah Neal
Location: Columbia, SC
Product: Bissell Big Green Machine

Using the Big Green Machine was an easy job well done! Everything about this deep carpet cleaner has won me over. I enjoyed using this machine because of its ease of use. The backward and forward motion of cleaning is an absolute plus. The powerful suction picked up so much water and left my carpet dry in no time. Overall the Bissell Big Green Machine gets two thumbs up.


Date: 8/30/2015
Name: David F
Location: Ewa Beach, HI
Product: Bissell Big Green Machine

I was thoroughly satisfied with this equipment. It did an outstanding job. Because of our dogs, we normally clean our carpets every 4-6 months. Normally, I use the Rug Doctor, but I decided to try and use this one. Without question, the Bissell Big Green Clan Machine did a much better job of cleaning our carpets. It had been about 6 months since the last time, and it pulled so much out of our carpets, I was surprised. Also it is a lot easier to use. I also liked the idea of not having to empty it out as often as the Rug Doctor. I don't know if I can buy this equipment, but if I can, I will seriously consider it. I used to own the original Big Green Clean machine, the canister one. I was happy with that too. After several years of use, the motor finally gave out. I never replaced it. Hmm... I have to consider it might be time. Bissell thank you again. Blessings.


Date: 8/28/2015
Name: Ross
Product: Bissell Big Green Machine

Worked great! It did a better job than the last time I rented a different brand. Still required multiple rinse cycles but that probably says more about my carpet than the machine.


Date: 6/23/2015
Name: Deb
Location: CT
Product: Bissell Big Green Machine

My daughter's carpet was absolutely a mess. I used the Bissell Big Green Machine yesterday for the first time and my daughter was amazed how clean the carpet looked. She also loved how the febreeze made the whole house smelling refreshed. I will be using for all of my carpet cleaning.


Date: 6/21/2015
Name: Linda
Location: Belmont, NC
Product: Bissell Big Green Machine

We were in the process of selling our home and had the carpet cleaned professionally just six weeks prior. I noticed an area with cat urine odor and rented the Bissell Big Green Machine from Lowe's. Used the Animal Stain and Odor solution. After I treated the "cat" area, I decided to use up the rest of the solution in the center of the room. You would not believe the dirt that came out of that just-professionally-cleaned carpet! And the cat odor was gone! Would recommend this rather than a professional cleaning anytime.


Date: 5/11/2015
Name: David
Location: Shillington, PA
Product: Bissell Big Green Machine

Rented various cleaners through the years, I own a Hoover upright steam vac... but let me tell you... THIS thing kicks butt! Nothing gets the crud out AND leaves it almost dry all in one. It's a bit of a beast to maneuver but not that bad. I have rented it about 5 times so far over the past 5 years and have never been disappointed. If they didn't cost $600+ to purchase one, I WOULD! LOL... so you can't beat $22-$27 for a rental fee. Heck I could rent it TWENTY FOUR TIMES before I got close to it's value. Kudos Bissell.


Date: 4/12/2015
Name: Roxanne
Location: Lansdowne, MD
Product: Bissell Big Green Machine

I have 2 kids, an annoying, hard headed dog, and a husband to clean up after. Our carpets needed a good DEEP clean, but the Rug Doctor was a little out of our price range for the amount of time I thought I would need it for. We found the Big Green by chance from a coupon in the paper. Not only did I have the entire house done in one day, but I was also able to do our van. There was no need to do a second run through as I would have with the other cleaner!! I wish I could include pictures! I would show you before and after shots that I did!


Date: 12/30/2014
Name: Priscilla
Location: San Antonio
Product: Bissell Big Green Machine

We rented this cleaner this past weekend. I've used the Rug Doctor and other Bissell shampooers and just felt that we just needed new carpets. Our Carpet is 13 years old and we have 3 kids and the carpet is OFF WHITE! Being that the holiday are upon us I didn't want to spend on professional company to clean carpet or replace it at the moment so I went to Lowe's and rented the Big Green Machine. My husband and I were very skeptical... only $24.99 to rent there was no way it waws going to transform my carpets into what we hoped for. But it DID! I literally had WHITE lines where I had used the machine. My carpet looks brand new!!! My husband has even told family about it!


Date: 12/1/2014
Name: Lisa
Location: Caledonia, Mi
Product: Bissell Big Green Machine

Fantastic! Our carpet hasn't been cleaned (other than occasionally vacuuming) in 16 years. Its a light beige color. The high traffic areas were a medium brown and there were lots of small dark stains. I rented a Bissell Big Green Machine to see what it could do. A $10 coupon was more than I could resist. We didn't pretreat any area of the carpet. I used multipurpose cleaning solution. The first pass didn't look promising. I was sure I had wasted my money--the carpet was simply too dirty. But there was a LOT of dirt in dirty water tank and we saw some clean streaks. We cleaned the entire room again and saw an amazing improvement. We cleaned it a third time with just water-- it was still picking up some dirt. The carpet does not look like new, but dirt in the high traffic areas is no longer visible and most of the small stains are gone. I wish I had taken before and after pictures. The carpet was dry in a few hours. What a great machine! I am so pleased with the results. The only annoying thing about the machine was the bits of fluff it kept spitting out. It was worth every penny. Thank you Bissell!


Date: 12/1/2014
Name: Holly B
Location: Forks, PA
Product: Bissell Big Green Machine

I never thought my carpet would look like it did the day I installed it - when I removed my area rug from my carpeted living room - I could see how dirty it was - in less than 2 hours I had my beautiful rug back - no more stains, no more discoloration - THANK YOU Bissell.


Date: 10/15/2014
Name: Randy G
Location: Milwaukee
Product: Bissell Big Green Machine

I rented a Rug Doctor a few times to clean my carpets in the past because of all the hype and usually the only carpet cleaner that was at my rental store. One of my relatives or friends soiled a sauce made from Red Chili Sauce on the carpet, and did't bother to tell me, and it dried. I rented a Rug Doctor and tried to get the stain out. That was a waste of money because it didnt take the stain out. So I bought the Big Green Machine because I thought instead of renting the Rug Doctor over and over without success, I thought I'd just buy the Big Green, so I would have it for the stain and future use. WOW!!! Amazing Results, and I' m not kidding here. Not only did the Big Green take out the Stain completely, but it also took out Stains and dirt that the Rug Doctor couldnt. I was very impressed with the Big Green, but now everyone wants to borrow it because they also say that Rug Doctors don't get the dirt or stains out. The Big Green is a better Machine, and weighs less than the bulky Rug Doctor.


Date: 7/26/2014
Name: Allen
Location: Willowick, OH
Product: Bissell Big Green Machine

I have been renting the rug doctor for twice yearly carpet cleaning. I have used the RD for the last twenty years. I was at Lowes and thought I'd give yours a try. The Bissell Big Green is FAR SUPERIOR and ALL ASPECTS to the Rug Doctor. The cleaning was UNBELIEVABLE!


Date: 6/24/2014
Name: Tanea
Location: NC
Product: Bissell Big Green Machine

Worked wonders, Did all 4 of my rooms and dries in no time. Wasn't super wet like some I heard of. Overall loved it and will be using again if need be.


Date: 6/19/2014
Name: Rae
Location: Newark, Delaware
Product: Bissell Big Green Machine

Wow. When you work that hard to haul a large machine up and down 4 flights of stairs, from basement to loft, you really want to see a great result. I just used the Bissell Big Green for the first time, and I was thrilled to see that top to bottom, with just one container of Bissell Cleaner, I could see consistently clean carpet and much improved upholstery. Really follow the instructions - two passes with detergent spray and two to extract. Not only that, but with a long haired dog and fluffy cat in the house, the cleaner never clogged or stopped sucking. Changing to the upholstery cleaner was easy and fast. No big awkward tubes to change out like on the (I won't say here). My tan and light green carpets came out soft and airy and CLEAN. Thanks, Lowe's. For $20, I easly received $400 in top quality cleaning.


Date: 5/31/2014
Name: Cheryl
Location: VanderGrift, PA
Product: Bissell Big Green Machine

I tried the Bissell Green Machine for the first time today after reading so many excellent review and it was fantastic and did everything it claims. I also used the Rug Doctor last Fall and the difference is beyond words. I did take a picture half way through doing my dining room carpet and will try to post if possible so everyone can see how great it looks.


Date: 5/29/2014
Name: Maisean
Product: Bissell Big Green Machine

Over the Memorial Day weekend we decided to rent a steam cleaner to see if we could get our very old and dirty carpet cleaned. We bought our house 5 years ago, and the carpet was old then–at least 10 years old, but probably more like 15-20 years old. Over the years, it had definitely lost its fluffiness, and with 3 cats, 1 dog, and 2 kids under the age of 6, we have a lot of spills, accidents, and messes. At first we were going to rent a Rug Doctor machine, because that’s all I was familiar with. We own a smaller home steam cleaning unit, and we thought it was cleaning the carpet well enough, but we decided it could use a good deep cleaning and figured a rental was the way to go.

After doing some online research and seeing videos of a Rug Doctor and a Bissell Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine going head-to-head, it looked like the Bissell was clearly the winner.

So we rented a Bissell Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine for 48 hours. Let me tell you, it was A LOT of work, but WOW, did that machine clean! Our tan carpet is actually a different shade than I thought! That sounds so gross, but I’m so happy to finally have gotten all that dirt up.

The machine is quite heavy, and I definitely felt like I was getting a workout after using it, but I was using it all day (12+ hours of steam cleaning). It was definitely worth it. So much so that we’re going to rent one again this weekend to get to the rooms we didn’t get a chance to clean last weekend. Thank you, Bissell, for making such a great product!


Date: 5/21/2014
Name: Cindy
Product: Bissell Big Green Machine

I have a Hoover home machine that is not any good as the brushes will not spin. I decided to rent and The Bissell machine worked great, it got even the dirty hallways clean. Thank you for a very good experience. I may have to look at purchasing a new machine for home use.


Date: 5/17/2014
Name: Karen
Product: Bissell Big Green Machine

I rented a Bissell carpet machine before Thanksgiving 2013 and I was very pleased with the price and also the performance of this machine. I saved money with a coupon from Lowes which made it all the better. I have scouring the internet for another coupon so I can get my spring cleaning done with another Bissell machine. A+ Loved it!


Date: 1/3/2014
Name: Tamika
Location: Phenix City, AL
Product: Bissell Big Green Machine

Omgeeeeez......this machine is beyond awesome! I started cleaning homes last year just because it's something I love to do. So I started doing carpets as well. I started out renting the machine and I fell so much in love with it to the point that my husband got me one of my very own! It has more than paid for itself. And my fav solution is the does wonders for pet odor!


Date: 12/14/2013
Name: James
Location: Westport, NC
Product: Bissell Green Machine

I have cleaned my own carpets for many years. I even purchased a Hoover carpet cleaner a few years back. My wife does all of the research before we make purchases. The reviews on this machine were positive with the exception of two. Those two could have not wasted their time. They couldn't have been more wrong. This machine does all it says & more. We have dogs, so we used the oxi cleaner for pets. The results were astounding! The carpets look like they were just installed. The pet order & stains GONE! The price to rent the machine very affordable. Was very easy to use. I'm sold this is the best carpet cleaner ever!


Date: 11/27/2013
Name: Lisa
Location: Tucson, AZ
Product: Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine

I've alway used Rug Doctor and had no idea you could rent a Bissel. I rented mine at Ace Hardware. I cannot believe how well this machine and the OXY Solution worked. My carpets are very light and I clean them a few times a year. The results with the Rug Doctor are "OK" but the Bissell results are AMAZING! I cleaned all our carpeted rooms and an area rug and the rugs look brand new. It removed the dark areas in the high traffic areas that I could never get out before. The suction is crazy, took no time to dry! I will never use a Rug Doctor again. My best friend owns a Bissell and says she can't live without it - now I know why!. You won't be disappointed. One tip - if you have high traffic areas or stubborn stains, just keep going over it and suction as much water as you can.


Date: 11/25/2013
Name: Justina
Location: Charlotte, NC
Product: Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine

Let me just start off saying that this is the best carpet cleaner that I have ever rented. The Rug Doctor has nothing on the Big Green. At first, I was a little hesitant about renting this machine but I decided to give it a shot. This machine is very user friendly. I had spots in my carpet that professional companies could not get out but the Green machne did the job. I will always rent this machine. I am even considering investing in one.


Date: 11/22/2013
Name: Abby
Location: Louisiana
Product: Bissell steam

I rented a Bissell from Fred's Store and I fell in love. I have a lot of pet and kids stains on my light beige carpet and the rug doctor would get it clean but left a funny residue on my carpet, it almost felt waxing or gummy but the Bissell didn't and my carpet got cleaner than the rug doctor ever could do and the best part is that their is no film or residue on my carpet! thanks Bissell I have my carpet back!


Date: 10/30/2013
Name: So Clean
Location: Wilmington,DE
Product: Bissel Big Machine

I read all of the previous testimonials and decided to take my chances. It was really worth the risk. My carpets are over 10 years old and with 4 kids, a grandchild and a cat you can imagine what my carpet has been through. I rented the Rug Dr. and it was a complete disaster and disappointment. Bissel not only cleaned and deoderized the carpets, it also removed stains I thought would never come out. and my carpets dried quickley. I am very pleased. I recommend this over the others any day.


Date: 10/8/2013
Name: Martha
Location: Seattle
Product: Bissel carpet shampooer

This shampooer is awesome ! I have rented it for the past year they are soo much better than rug doctor . Once u use bissel you won't use anything else . And you can get the second day for 10 bucks . What a deal ! I thought my carpets was done for but no ! They look. New again ! With five kids ,six grand kids , two dogs and two cats .and the carpets look so good like new after cleaning !! And it suks forward and reverse omg ! What a genius that invented it ! No more akeing back after cleaning the carpets ! And no more soggy carpet that will stink next week !it gets up all the water and it dries super fast . If I could do a commercial and promote bissel carpet shampooers I'd do it in a heartbeat ! Thank god for bissel I have to rent mine but I hope to purchase my own . Thanks


Date: 11/3/2013
Name: Steph
Location: Raleigh
Product: Bissel Big Green

Although it does a great job cleaning the carpet, easy to push and pull it does a terrible job sucking up the excess solution. Carpet was pretty damp even with many passes. We pulled out our 8 yr old Hoover Steam Vac and that continued to pull out the rest of the water to almost dry. Could be this particular unit is a lemon but I won't be renting this again.


Date: 10/4/2013
Name: Susan
Location: Denver, PA
Product: Big Green carpet cleaner

Just finished using the big green bissell carpet cleaner. What a great cleaner. Was very surprised at the way it cleans. Nice cleaner, easy to use, lots of instructions that are easy to understand. Sucks up the dirt well and dries well. loved using this machine and will use again. Rented it at an Ace Hardware, price was actually lower than other places with different machines. Cost was $24.99 plus $3.00 for the hand attachment to clean steps and furniture.. Extra was the cleaner. A+ to Bissell.


Date: 10/3/2013
Name: Abbie
Location: Seattle
Product: BISSELL Big Green

I am totally sold on the Bissell Big Green! I have been renting Rug Dr's for years, but decided to give the Bissell a shot. It cleaned better, left the carpets drier and was easier to maneuver. On a side-note, check your machine before your leave the store you are renting from; the Lowe's I rented from gave me a FILTHY machine (I stopped trying to clean the beater bar after I removed over 1 cup of hair!), that I started trying to clean, but realized I shouldn't have to do that BEFORE I used it, so I returned and asked for another one. All that wasted an hour that could've been saved, if I had simply checked the machine before I left the store.


Date: 10/3/2013
Name: Carla
Location: Redmon, Oregon
Product: Big Green Deep Clean Machine

Three years ago, I bought a home that had been a rental. The carpets looked worn and dirty. Several times a year, I rented "the other carpet cleaner' from nearby Fred Meyer or Lowes with the thought of replacing the carpeting when I could afford to do so. THEN on a trip to Lowes I found that they now had the Bissel machines and thought, What the heck, I will give it a try. Now I will never use anything else! It cleaned my carpets SO much better AND it is so much easier to operate. I love that it cleans going back AND forward and is much easier to tote. NOW I don't need to replace my carpets after all!


Date: 8/23/2013
Name: Alecia
Location: Atlanta, GA
Product: Bissell Big Green

Just got a puppy whose not house broken. He likes to do his busy right on the where else. So I looked for some carpet cleaning options. I just knew I would have to call a professional in to get the pet stains out. Well being the optimistic person I am I figured I try to save money and get a rental. I came across the bissell big green machine at lowes and crossed my fingers. Just like the rest of you I was surely amazed...I would have never thought that light weight green box would get the job done, but it did. My carpets look brand new and it also eliminated in pet order associated with the stains. I give this machine five stars.


Date: 7/9/2013
Name: Andreu
Location: Savannah, GA
Product: Bissell Big Green with attachment

So I just got in from a very long week from out of town. I got a sitter for my two "wonderful" dogs. I had already decided that I was going to get a Rug Doctor... So I drove to Lowe's and seen that they didn't have them anymore. So I asked and the lady said they don't carry them anymore. My military fiancee suggested we go to Walmart (next door). I said no i will try this new thing. So I had already pretreated my carpets. I went ahead and did my normal thing of washing with just HOT water. BOOM my room was like new. NO joke i didnt even use the soap yet. I ran around the house thinking i was on some hidden tv show (I should have been). Well so i went and added more hot water and added the Bissell "Allergen" deep cleaning formula(32oz). Only one run though my whole (3 bedroom with living and dinning room and two hallways) house. I WILL DIFFIDENTLY work with this line again. Oh and by the way I just stop cleaning 15 mins ago and guess where I am?. Thats right on my deep clean fresh carpets... they are really dry. ( the Rug Doctor or my Kirby would have taken at least 1-2 house)


Date: 7/9/2013
Name: JEM
Location: San Antonio, TX
Product: Bissell Big Green

While you shouldn't expect to get the same deep-cleaning results you'd get from a professional steam cleaning service, the Bissell Big Green is a close second. And you'll certainly save money and get a great workout while you're doing the cleaning. I found you get the best results by applying more of the water solution to the carpet and making four or more complete runs over the wet carpet. The carpet will get drier with each complete trip you make. If an area gets too wet, park the carpet machine over the area and let it suck the moisture out of the carpet. I will certainly rent this machine again.


Date: 7/5/2013
Name: Dennis
Location: Seattle area
Product: Rental Big Green Cleaning Machine

I am the former owner of a professional carpet cleaning company with a powerful truck mounted machine. I know that the deepest and best cleaning comes from proper use of that equipment. HOWEVER I was in a hurry and decided to try the Big Green Cleaning Machine rental from Lowes. I was looking for a Rug Doctor machine but Lowes had the Bissell so I decided to try it. The results I got totally exceeded my expectations and having rented a Rug Doctor in the past I can say this machine produced a much cleaner, less wet carpet that dried MUCH faster than the Rug Doctor AND it was much easier to fill, empty and move around with the lower center of gravity handle. I'll never go back to a Rug Doctor again!


Date: 6/23/2013
Name: Amy
Location: Muscle Shoals, AL
Product: Bissell Big Green Machine

This was my first time renting the Bissell Big Green Machine at Lowes. I have rented the other machines and they have always done a great job cleaning my carpets. I made a pass over a ten foot section of my carpet before I realized it was leaving black spots behind. When I stopped the machine and turned it over, it had not been cleaned from the previous renter. There was black sandy lint looking junk all underneath the machine. Called customer service and was told to clean the machine. I was told to spot clean the areas that the machine soiled my carpet. The carpet was also left wet. I read the positive reviews and Bissell has a very good reputation, however, my experience has left me less than impressed. I now have carpet that is dirtier than before I rented the machine. Disappointed that whom ever services these machines in my area does such a poor job.


Date: 6/13/2013
Name: Darlene Knight
Location: Woodstock
Product: Big Green Cleaning Machine

My rug machine finally quit and I could not take the look of my area rugs any longer. I had received a coupon for $5 off a Bissel rental and thought why not? it had been years since I rented a rug cleaner and my memories were of a heavy, leaky machine that left my rugs wet. Wow!!! how surprised I was to see what an amazing machine this one was! It sucked up more dirty water than I care to admit, plus the rugs were almost dry! It was easy to fill, easy to use and easy to carry up the stairs in my 3 story house!! I would LOVE to own one fine machines. I highly recommend it to anyone and will rent again!


Date: 6/10/2013
Name: Linda
Location: Raleigh, NC
Product: Bissel Rug Cleaning Machine

I have used Rug Doctor in the past with mediocre results. Since our local Lowes switched to Bissell, I won't use anything else. It does an excellent job. For about $50 including rental for 24 hrs and 52 oz Bissell Pet cleaner. It is money well spent and in my opinion, just as good as professional cleaning. We have two dogs and two cats and live in the country so our carpets get really dirty despite 3x weekly vacuuming. I am always amazed how clean this thing get the carpets and the suction is powerful so the carpets are dry almost instantly. To the reviewer Mike - you must have gotten "dud' rentals. Try again. A note: We have used the attachments and they don't work very well. They leak. This last time, water/solution just poured from bottom of machine despite being attached correctly. We just gave up and probably won't try them again.


Date: 5/27/2013
Name: Eli
Location: Hudsonville, MI
Product: Bissell Big Green Machine

We rented this machine because our dog is not quite house broken yet and we had a ton of pet stains. This machine worked beyond our expectations


Date: 5/19/2013
Name: Steve Vasquez
Location: Santa Fe Springs, CA
Product: Bissell Big Green Cleaner

I rented this thing at griffin ace hardware store and and me and my wife were amazed how good it worked. I would definitely recommend this product for who ever wants a good looking carpet thank you Bisell.


Date: 5/18/2013
Name: Mike
Location: Opelousas, LA
Product: Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine

I rented this machine at my local Lowes store along with the cleaning solution. I filled the machine as instructed and attempted to clean the carpet, but the brushes wouldn't rotate and it was leaking water all over my carpet without the trigger being pressed. I returned it to Lowes and got another machine and brought it home to find out the brush didn't rotate on this one either. I called a bissell representative and couldn't understand anything he said; evidently english wasn't his first language. I returned the second machine to Lowes and got my money refunded. I will look for a different brand of cleaner from a rental dealership


Date: 5/15/2013
Name: Spoon
Location: Tennessee
Product: Bissell Shampoo Rug Cleaner

After debating on whether or not to hire a professional, I decided to give it a go on some diy carpet cleaning. Last time I rented a rug DR which was many years ago It was such a mess and pure hassel. This is THE BEST and the EASIEST way to cleaning your home carpet! It's even better than getting a professional to do it because you have it for 24 hours and it saves on money. I highly recommend it to anyone. I definitely sold on the Bissell and will surely rent the Bissell again. I thought I would be walking on wet carpet for days but it dried in just a couple hours.


Date: 5/13/2013
Name: Jim T
Location: Arlington, TX



Date: 5/12/2013
Name: Denis Seger
Location: United States
Product: Big Green Cleaning Machine

just rented the machine from Ace Hardware. Worked well and was much easier to use than Rug Doctor. Carpet wasn't as wet. Much easier to fill and to clean. Will rent upholstery attachment next time to do my couches.


Date: 4/29/2013
Name: SM Kenworthy
Location: Culpeper, VA
Product: Big Green Cleaner

I am so impressed with this machine i rented at Lowes- WOW! It did a heck of a job on my carpets- i forgot how pretty they were- definitely recommend. Easy to use too!


Date: 4/6/2013
Name: W. Stone
Location: Crystal Lake,Il
Product: Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine & Pet Formula



Date: 1/22/2013
Name: Dianne W
Location: Carthage, NC
Product: Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine

I rented this machine from a local retailer in Carthage, NC. In the past I have often used the Rug Dr. The only option available. I was so excited to try this! It was awesome! So much easier to operate and navigate the Big Green Machine and what an incredible job it did on my carpets. I am so impressed, really! I have recommended it to several people. I'm ready to rent it again with attachments so I can not only clean carpet but also my sofa and my car upholstery! I'm actually looking forward to it. That’s what an amazing difference it made in my home! I am sold on this machine. My carpets were so clean and soft like new again and unlike the Rug DR my carpet was barely damp when I was thru. I was able to extract just about all the solution I used to clean. The receiving tank was almost as full as the dispensing tank. That is very important to me. Something I was not able to do with Rug Dr.. So you definitely have  a new customer, several I know.  Nuf said... I give this machine a 10+.

Date: 4/26/2012
Name: Amee Termini
Location: Port Orchard, WA
Product: Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine

I am flabbergasted! My husband and I saw this machine at Lowes available for rent. I was a little disappointed it wasn't the Rug Dr.. This morning my husband asked me if I wanted to try the Bissell or if he should go find a Rug Dr. to rent. I told him we might as well try the Bissell. He came home I filled it up and ran upstairs to get ready for work. 20 minutes later, I walked into our huge family room and was dumbfounded! The carpets look brand new! Not the "Im an old carpet that has been cleaned" look. I mean brand spanken new! We have 6 dogs, 2 cats, 2 parrots and 4 teenagers living in this house! And to top it off we live on 5 acres in Rainy Washington!!! I hate to say that I have long given up having my carpets looking new again, but alas, I have found the magic potion!! Thank you so much! I am off to work now as my husband is steam cleaning as we speak but I had to take 15 min. out of my morning to tell you that I am thrilled! Thank you so much!


Date: 4/06/2012
Name: Nancy
Location: Midwest City, OK
Product: Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine

I too went to Lowes looking for the Rug Dr., but all they had was the Bissell. I was so disappointed that they didn't have the Rug Dr. that we left and went to Home Depot to see if they had one. They didn't. I reluctantly went back to Lowes to TRY the Bissell, but was totally expecting to be bummed out!! OMG, I could not believe how well it cleaned my carpets...I was such a fan of the Rug Dr., that when no one had one to rent, my husband had even suggested we go online and purchase one. I am so glad we didn't. The Bissell cleaned so well, my 10 year old carpets looks brand new. I can't say enough about what an awesome product the Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine is. Thank you!!


Date: 2/10/2012
Name: Jon
Location: Zionsville, IN
Product: Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine

Went to Lowes looking for a Rug Dr. and they had these instead. The salesperson told me that many found it better than the Rug Dr. because it CLEANS IN BOTH DIRECTIONS unlike the Dr. where you only have the option to pull, walking backwards. One heck of a time saver. Think it took me half the time to clean the entire 3000 sq ft of carpet in the house. Wow. Easily took care of the spots left by remodelers and pool table installers who delivered on a rainy day. Hose attachment did my entire stairway extremely well. Amazon has it on sale for $449 now - am seriously considering investing in one.


Date: 2/4/2012
Name: Timothy Bates
Location: Crystal Lake, IL
Product: Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine

I rented the Green Machine for the first time today and I agree with everyone here its way better then the rug doctor all the spots are gone. Easy setup and clean up way easier to push around and way better suction then the rug doctor I will definitly use again and recomend to anyone who who want to enjoy clean carpet!! Yeah!!!:>


Date: 12/23/2011
Name: Bryan M.
Location: Taylorsville, UT
Product: Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine

Skeptic that I am by nature, I'm happy to report that all of the testimonials I read prior to renting his machine proved to be all true. I have off-white carpet throughout the house and the heavy-traffic areas not protected by runner throw-rugs were a ghastly shade of gray that Rug Doctor never could get out. I used the Oxy formula shampoo and I am still in awe at how well it cleaned., The carpet is evenly cleaned, no light/dark areas--it's all the same color and it's fantastic and it was dry in less than an hour by setting a large box fan in one corner of the room. Rug Doctor can't even compare and I will never use that monster tank worthless system again. Bissel and Lowes has a permanent customer/believer.


Date: 12/19/2011
Name: Anilia
Location: Defiance, OH
Product: Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine

I have two small doxies, which are stubborn to house break, and fostered a golden retriever. My carpet was so bad, I was ready to pull it up. I decided to shampoo instead, being so close to Christmas. Stumbled onto the Bissell at Lowes, and gave it a try. I will NEVER rent the Rug Doctor again!!!! I loved the cleaned so much easier, better and dried faster. My carpet looks like I just laid new carpet! I love the Bissell cleaner and recommend it to everyone I can


Date: 11/13/2011
Name: Richard
Location: Milwaukee
Product:Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine

This machine performed beyond expectation. It is easy to fill, easy to empty, easy to maneuver, The carpet was filthy with heavy traffic patterns, after cleaning the look is very uniform. I used the Bissell Brand cleaning solution and was impressed with it's ability to remove the dirt that I thought would not come out. The carpet dried so fast that after 1/2 hour it could be walked upon in sock feet, without the socks getting wet. It is relatively light, and it is very easy to operate. The only negative I can give it is the handles could be longer (wider) although, I have big hands that are difficult to find gloves that will fit. I will use this machine again.


Date: 11/06/2011
Name: Ashley
Location: Dora, AL
Product:Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine

I love this carpet cleaner! I have always used rugdoctor cause thats all thats been available in my area. Lowes recently started renting bissell and i love it. It has cut my cleaning time in third. what use to take me 4 hours only took me 1 with the bissel. I have always had spots left when i used rug doctor, bissell got up every spot. My floor has always been soaked when i used the rugdoctor, my floor is virtually dry. I even used it on a 5ft x3 ft rug and it worked great and didnt tear up my rug (unlike the rugdoctor). I have 2 boys and a dog and the bissell is my cleaning machine from now on.


Date: 10/10/2011
Name: Aubrey
Location: Royse City, TX
Product:Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine

This this is amazing! Days later I am still shocked at how great my carpet looks. We will FOR SURE be renting one of these again! The tank is huge, we did about a room and a half on one tank... super easy to refill and to clean out afterwards. Seriously, best rental cleaner ever.


Date: 8/23/2011
Name: Rogio
Location: Marysville, OH
Product:Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine

Fantastic Carpet cleaner. Much lighter and easier to use than the Rug Doctor. You also don't have to buy the suds suppressor which saves money. Also the handle swings down and adjust automaticaly to your height and movement. Unlike the Rig Doctor which has only one locked in position. Cleaned beyond what I expected.


Date: 8/15/2011
Name: Steven
Location: Jackson, KY
Product:Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine

iv been using bissell for years and this hands down is the best rental you can get its power is unreal and the carpet drys very fast


Date: 7/31/2011
Name: Pat
Location: Radcliff, KY
Product:Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine

I cleaned my parents 5 room house and my sisters 3 rooms in no time. All carpets had major stained areas that now look like new! It's the best product out there and easy to use. I used the Rug Doctor for my 4,000 sq ft. home and there is no comparison. I am so impressed that I plan to invest in a machine.


Date: 7/13/2011
Name: Chris R
Location: San Antonio, TX
Product:Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine

Simply the best carpet cleaning machine I've ever used. It's easy to use, light enough to not break your back, and absolutely powerful and effective in getting the carpet looking its very best. I can't say enough about BigGreen without sounding like an advertisement!!


Date: 6/29/2011
Name: Steve
Location: Arizona
Product:Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine

We recently purchased the Big Green Machine, and we couldn't be more pleased. We've rented the rug doctor before and the results were okay. The Big Green Machine did a MUCH better job. VERY easy to operate and post use maintenance took just minutes.


Date: 6/29/2011
Name: John
Location: STL
Product:Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine

I've been a user of the Rug Doctor for over 15 years. I traveled from Missouri to Virginia to clean our house after a horrific renter moved out. When I stopped by Lowe's to rent the Rug Doctor I found that they had changed to Bissell after we moved to MO. I was really nervous about the new machine because I only had 1 day to clean the carpets. The Bissell machine far exceeded my expectations and cleaned a carpet that had not been taken care of in over 5 months back to nearly brand new. The machine was FAR easier to use and did a superior job!! After traveling back to MO, I found the Lowes here still has the Rug Doctor, and the closest Bissell rentals are over 100 miles away. I plan to buy my own ASAP.

Date: 10/22/2010
Name: Willie
Location: Not Provided
Product:Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine

Excellent Piece Of Machinery...Will ReCommend ***** ' And That's Five Stars If You Did'nt Know!!!!!!


Date: 10/18/2010
Name: Kathleen
Location: South Bloomfield, OH
Product:Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine

I was looking around for a Rug Doctor to rent and couldn't find a place close to home that rented any kind of device so I called Lowes where I had rented the Rug Doctor before and they informed me they no longer rent the Rug Doctor well I said what do you have and they informed me the Green Machine, I informed them well I need to use it because I have a horrific carpet that is in need of cleaning WELL....I will never use a Rug Doctor again, the Green Machine has twenty thumbs up from me and my carpet. It was easy to use, less trips to the bathroom to fill up, and it actually CLEANED my carpet....I have 7 dogs and three were not yet housebroken and well needless to say my bedroom carpet was screaming to get cleaned and the Green Machine is my hero.


Date: 10/7/2010
Name: Kim
Location: Dover, DE
Product:Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine

I also rented this carpet cleaner from Lowes this past week and it did a great job! The machine was very easy to operate. The BISSELL rep was very helpful, he even help me load the machine in my car. Yes, I will rent again!


Date: 9/23/2010
Name: Jeff
Location: Sherman, TX
Product:Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine

I was happy with the way that the Rug Doctor cleaned my carpet, that is until I used this Bissell. Hands down there is no comparision. The Bissell cleaned with more efficiency than the Rug Doctor and clearly left carpet cleaner and also dry time was much less. I will most definitely rent the Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine over any other brand out there.


Date: 9/20/2010
Name: Jan
Location: Lindale, TX
Product:Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine

I rented this carpet cleaner from Lowes this weekend and it did a wonderful job! Not too heavy and it is very easy to operate. The carpet dries very quickly. Will use again.

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