Using the Upholstery & Stair Cleaning Tool for Upholstery Cleaning

You may be surprised to learn that your Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine® can accomplish more than getting your carpet looking newer. You can tackle deep down stains on your furniture, automobile upholstery and stairs.

Before you begin cleaning your favorite worn-in chair or any upholstery, it’s important to read the fabric instructions to ensure the fabric code is “WS” or “W”. If it is, the next step is to test a small hidden area like the underside of a cushion for colorfastness and examine when dry. If color is affected, do not use. If it is not, then you’re ready to begin using the accessory hose to clean hard to reach places and upholstery. BISSELL Deep Cleaning formulas are not safe for fabrics coded “X” or “S.”

As always, if there are set-in stains or you are cleaning a high traffic area, be sure to pre-treat with your favorite BISSELL carpet cleaning formula. Next, prepare the machine as you normally would, by filling the machine’s clean water tank with hot tap water and two capfuls of BISSELL cleaning formula.

Next, attach the smaller solution hose to the machine and turn clockwise to lock it in place. Then attach the larger hose into the hose latch and again turn clockwise to lock it in place. Once the hoses are in place, you can begin using the upholstery and stair cleaning tool.

Use the attachment tool just as you would the larger machine. Begin by pressing the red trigger and slowly making a back and forth pass over a small area. Be sure to use only a little bit of solution and don’t over wet the area.

Next, release the trigger and make the same backward and forward path. Continue making the passes until the solution being pulled up appears clean. For heavy traffic or deeply stained areas, you may have to do this several times.

Continue this process until you are satisfied the entire area has been cleaned. Be sure to keep an eye on the water tanks, too. If you’re tackling a big project, you may need to refill the clean water tank and empty the dirty water.

Once you’re finished, remove the hose and rinse it, removing any extra debris from the brush roll. Before putting the upholstery and stair cleaning tool back into the bag, make sure there is no extra water remaining inside. Remove both water tanks and rinse them completely, placing them back on the machine. Once the machine is clean and reassembled, bring it back to the store and hurry home to relax on your newly cleaned furniture!

If you’re still unsure on how to best utilize the upholstery and stair cleaning tool rental, check out our how-to video.