Getting Your Home Ready for Fall

Posted on 9/29/2015 by BISSELL Rental
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After a hot summer full of fun in the sun the cooler weather of fall can be exciting. After all, fall means back to school, pumpkin carving, football and soccer.
But the cooler temperatures of fall also means the windows and doors that we left open all summer long are now closed. Unfortunately, that may mean the dirt and dust left behind from summer is being locked inside. A thorough process for prepping your home for fall will help ensure your space is kept clean and fresh as the temperature drops.
Here’s our top-10 tips for getting your home ready for fall: 

  1. Deep clean your carpet: Dust and dirt can live in the deep fibers of your carpet and vacuuming alone doesn’t always remove them all. Deep cleaning with a carpet cleaning formula will help remove that dust and dirt (as well as other allergens). Cleaning with a BISSELL cleaning formula containing StainProtect™ protector can also help protect against future stains and keep your carpet looking and feeling newer just in time for the holidays.
  2. Dust and clean windows, fixtures and more: Dust can easily accumulate on fixtures like ceiling fans and window sills as well as baseboards and walls. Make sure to give them a good dusting and washing, if necessary.
  3. Clean your chimney: Getting excited for family time by the fire? If you have a chimney, make sure to have it professionally cleaned before you begin to use it. A dirty chimney is not only a dangerous fire hazard, but it can also be a gold mine of dirt, dust and allergens.
  4. Replace all necessary filters: If you haven’t replaced your furnace filters in the past 3-4 months, do it now before you begin to run it more often. Remember, a clean filter can mean cleaner air circulating through your home.
  5. Test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors: Fall is a great time to make sure that all of your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are in good working condition. If you have them installed already, test and replace batteries if needed. If you don’t have any, make sure to pick them up on your next visit to the store. Carbon monoxide is particularly dangerous as you may not see any physical signs of a leak.
  6. Swap summer clothes and linens for fall and winter ones: Try the “swapping process” for your annual change out of clothes. Wash your summer clothes as you start exchanging your shorts and t-shirts for jeans and sweatshirts so you put them away clean and fresh. Continue the process with linens and bed sheets. Once you take your fall and winter goods out of storage, wash and get them ready for that first chilly night of fall.
  7. Put away patio furniture and other outdoor summer items: Clean all your patio furniture and any other summer items you have and then store them for the fall and winter months. The upholstery hose you can rent along with the Big Green® Deep Cleaning Machine is the perfect way to deep clean patio furniture cushions.
  8. Clean gutters: Fall and winter can put a lot of strain on your gutters, so make sure to remove any “gunk” leftover from the summer months. Pay particular attention to downspouts as they can collect debris that will cause leaves, snow and ice to back up.
  9. Store garden hoses: Before you store your hose for the winter months, make sure to drain it to prevent water inside from freezing and damaging it.

Check home for drafts of cool air: Now is the time to check your windows and doors for areas that may let in cool air. From the inside of your home, feel around the edges to check for drafts. Patching weather stripping or calking is a pretty straightforward process that can be done in a day with products from your local hardware store. Improved insulation will help your home be more energy efficient this fall while also reducing the amount of dust and allergens that is allowed in.

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