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BISSELL Rental lets you treat your car’s carpet and upholstery to the same deep clean as your home without adding a trip to the car wash.

Life’s messes don’t stay confined to one place—they show up at home, on the go, and everywhere else in between. Some days, your busy life has you behind the steering wheel from sunup to sundown; your errands and activities punctuated throughout the day by snacks and drinks and, inevitably, a few spills. Luckily, there’s no need to fret the mess. You can treat your car’s carpet and upholstery to the same deep clean as your home without adding a trip to the car wash to your ever-expanding to-do list.

A deep clean for your car

Your family’s car is more than just your day to day transportation; it’s home to your road trip sing-a-longs, sightseeing adventures, and long, laughter-filled drives to visit family and friends. With so much life lived inside its four doors, no wonder it’s also home to the occasional spill or stain. Thankfully, tackling the messes that life brings to automobile carpet and upholstery are just as easy to clean as the carpeting in your home.
Even if you follow a strict No Food or Drinks rule in your car, dust, pollen, and other allergens settle into auto upholstery and carpets just as they do in your home. Regular interior cleaning and vacuuming can remove some of this debris, but you’ll need to give it a deep clean to remove even more


To achieve quality results on your own, you need the right rental for the job. You already know that a BISSELL® Big Green Deep Cleaning Rental Machine® gives you a cleaner home for a fraction of the price charged by professionals, but did you know that you can rent the Little Green® Pro Portable Deep Cleaner for your family car?
Your BISSELL® Little Green Pro rental is the easy solution for a clean car, no matter how many messes life lets in. It’s lightweight and portable, this gives you what you need to get into the tight corners and crevices in your car where stains might hide. 

Ten Steps to an Easy Clean for Your Car’s Carpet & Upholstery 

Before you begin your car’s deep clean, check your auto upholstery for manufacturer tags and cleaning instructions, and only proceed if it's compatible with the solution you’ve chosen. Next, remove your floor mats and place them outside of the vehicle, and pick up any loose objects or large pieces of debris. If you’re performing complete interior auto detailing, start by cleaning your hard surfaces and then move on to the carpet and upholstery:
  1. Vacuum your car’s seats in both their inclined and reclined position so you can cover every crevice, then vacuum the carpet, making sure to move each seat forward and back, so you reach all of the areas that are out of sight. If your seat’s headrests are removable, take these off so you can clean beneath them.
  2. Consider pre-treating high traffic areas and set in stains.
  3. When you are ready to start your deep clean, release the flex hose by twisting the bracket latch clockwise. Unwrap flex hose completely from around the unit. Attach the tough stain brush tool to the spray trigger by inserting the tool onto spray trigger firmly until the button lock snaps into hole.
  4. Be sure to hold the tool approximately 1” above the surface being cleaned. Press and hold spray trigger, spray will start in a few seconds. Apply downward pressure on the tool and pull it toward you, and as a final step use “drying strokes” (by not pressing the spray trigger) to remove as much liquid/moisture as possible.  Clean upholstered seats in the same manner which you vacuumed, in both their upright and reclined positions, then clean the carpeting around and beneath them. Repeat for all seating areas as well as trunk, if carpeted.
  5. If you removed your headrests, clean these outside the vehicle on a protected surface.
  6. If the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions support it, your carpeted floor mats may also be cleaned outside of the vehicle using the stain tool.
  7. Allow your car’s interior to dry before you reinstall the headrests and floor mats. Try to pick a sunny day, so that you can leave your windows rolled down while your seats and carpets dry.
  8. When you’ve finished cleaning each area of your car, disconnect the cleaning tool from the spray trigger by pushing down on the button lock and pulling it straight off (do not twist tool to remove it).
  9. Clean the tool of any excess debris, then rinse the hose and ensure there is no water remaining inside.
  10. Remove and rinse the dirty water and solution tanks before returning your rental.

How often should you clean your car’s carpet & upholstery? 

Whether it’s coffee spilled during your daily commute or muddy paw prints from your puppy’s first trip to the lake, life’s little messes will find their way in, but that doesn’t mean you have to let them stay. You can spot clean small spills and stains just as you do in your home to help maintain your everyday clean in between deep cleanings. Once you see how incredible your car can look after a deep down clean, you might even start to look forward to it! 
*BISSELL® LITTLE GREEN® PRO PORTABLE DEEP CLEANER is only available at Home Cleaning rental locations, please check our location finder before heading to rent!

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