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We know that BISSELL Rental is the right choice when it comes to carpet cleaners, and we’re not the only ones. Our deep cleaning machine has been reviewed on many blogs and other online sites. But don’t take our word for it! Check out some of the BISSELL carpet cleaner mentions below.

My Breezy Room
“I had never rented a carpet cleaner before, and didn’t know if I’d really have a preference, but then I started using the BISSELL Rental (which I was able to carry up the stairs on my own). The first thing I noticed was that the tank that needed to be filled with water was removable, so I didn’t have to use a pitcher and if there was unused water left when I was done I could dump it out (a problem I ran into with the Rug Doctor)”

Carpet Cleaning Machines Reviews
"Bissell Big Green deep carpet cleaner has built up a legion of fans who attest to the high quality cleaning results and solid workmanship of the machine."

Mommy Kat and Kids
“The Bissell Big Green Machine leaves carpets cleaner and drier than the leading rental carpet cleaner, so you’re sure to be impressed by the results.”

Mommy Talk Show
“In the end, I was happy with the results.” 

Atlanta's Frugal Mom
“The Bissell Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine proved to be light weight, even when full of the sloshy water and cleaning fluid.”
Maple Leaf Mommy – Rental experience
“Not only did they give me an in store tutorial on how to use the machine, and provide me with a brochure to take home, the instructions are also labelled all over the machine.  They’ve really managed to make this as simple and idiot proof as possible.”
Maple Leaf Mommy – Rental cleaning
Overall I was really impressed with Bissell’s Big Green Deep Cleaning machine. I would definitely recommend it to others. I want to rent it again. I want to do my stairways. I want to do the couch. I want to do my daughters bedroom.
The Tip Toe Fairy
“I rented the BISSELL Big Green at Lowe’s, and it could not have been easier. They were so nice and just explained the process and what I needed to clean before returning it.”
“My husband went over with the Rug Doctor several passes, and it would not get clean. With the BISSELL Big Green he only did two passes. I was astonished there was such a difference.”
Life with Lorelai
“The Bissell Big Green wins the bout in every category. It’s superior design makes this machine easy to use from start to finish. It’s excellent cleaning power not only cleans your carpet better, but does not leave it soaking wet. The BISSELL cleaning formula has a fresh scent and leaves no residue behind.”
A Thousand Country Roads
“I just love the smell of this formula that we used for the BISSELL Big Green because it is not strong – perfect for my very sensitive nose. The house smelled so good the entire time while we were cleaning, and afterwards.”
“As far as my eyes can see, the dirt on our carpets didn’t seem to look that bad. But after the deep cleaning that we did, I was shocked to see all the dirt inside the BISSELL Big Green tank. I surely didn’t think it was that bad because I do vacuum regularly.”
The Things I Love Most
“I usually hire someone and spend way to [sic] much money.  We haven’t had our carpets cleaned in a while so I was excited to see what these machines could do. After this experience I am now a fan of Carpet Cleaner Rental.”
“Hands down, the Big Green won! The cleaning results of this machine are amazing. As you can see this kiddos carpet was nasty and the Big Green made easy work of cleaning it.”
Happy Happy Nester
“I did find it interesting that the customer service employee at Ace gave me the full instructions on how to use the machine and also they also loaded it into my car! Now that is awesome service.”
The Big Green Machine got the run clean and bright. It was interesting that the manager of our local Ace Hardware said, that his employees love the Big Green machine, and now I can see why.”
Why Girls Are Weird
“The BISSELL Big Green Rental Carpet Cleaner was a clear winner! Not only did it make out carpets look amazing but it always helped our house to smell springtime fresh! You definitely can’t tell we’re in the midst of potty training and I think we’ll get the stamp of approval from anyone who stops by our house.”
Tabler Party of Two
“The filthy water was evidence of just how dirty my rugs were! I’m so glad my rugs are super clean for summer.”
Happily Ever After Etc
“We’ve used the Rug Doctor before but this was our first time trying the Bissell Big Green… and let me tell you it was awesome! We rented ours locally at Fred’s which is just a couple miles down the road. The hubby was convinced we needed ALL THE CLEANER so he bought a bottle of pet formula, a big bottle of oxidizing solution and a little spray bottle of spot treatment.”
The Painted Hinge
“It was so satisfying seeing all the dirt coming out of the carpet!”
Horseshoes & Hand Grenades
“As you can see, both cleaners did an awesome job and pulled up way to [sic] much dirt, but as far as ease of use, especially if you’re smaller in stature or just don’t want to work as hard, the BISSELL’s design is definitely the winner there. I should also mention that the rental cost on the BISSELL, at least in our area, is slightly less so that might be something you want to take into consideration as well.”
Create and Babble   
“Once we got home and read the instructions on the machines, I had to say that I was immediately favoring the the Big Green Machine by BISSELL. Why? Well, the instructions were more clear, you didn’t need a bucket and no measuring was necessary. Simply take the tank to the faucet for water and then add 2 capfuls of the detergent. Easy! I like easy!”
“Would we rent this machine again? YES! Was it easy to use?  YESI was trying to think of any cons about this machine but I really can't come up with any.”

 “With one pass of the machine, we could really see a difference.”

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