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Getting Ready for Game-Day Stains

Posted on 10/6/2016 by BISSELL Rental
Categories: Carpet Cleaning, Rental, Seasonal Cleaning
If you’re hosting a party to watch the big pro football games or college bowl games—along with the BISSELL® Kitty Halftime show—you’ll probably be busy preparing for a house full of guests. But with any party, stains and messes are bound to appear. Let us help you prepare for any game-day stains that may find their way onto your carpets.
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Posted on 6/24/2016 by BISSELL Rental
Categories: Seasonal Cleaning
Here at BISSELL Rental, we love summertime. It’s full of sun and fun and plenty of outdoor activities. But all that fun in the outdoors can sometimes find its way indoors in the form of stains. We know you’re familiar: a fun afternoon running through the sprinkler means muddy footprints, a backyard BBQ with family and friends turns into ketchup on the carpet inside.
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Wintertime Cleaning Tips

Posted on 12/21/2015 by BISSELL Rental
Categories: Seasonal Cleaning
Wintertime is at full force, and that probably means your doors and windows are sealed up tight, keeping the cold temperatures out. Unfortunately, that also means you’re probably locking in germs, dust and dirt (not to mention what you’re bringing in from the outdoors).
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Three Reasons to Deep Clean This Fall

Posted on 9/29/2015 by BISSELL Rental
Categories: Seasonal Cleaning
Most people do their major home cleaning during the springtime, but it’s just as important to get a deep clean in the fall. Sure, we know, you want to be outside and soak in the last nice days of the year before the weather turns cool, but we hope you can consider these three reasons to deep clean your carpet this fall.
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