Cleaning Products FAQs

Do you have questions about our carpet cleaning formulas? Find the answers here in our Cleaning Products FAQ section. We offer formulas to tackle everything from underlying odors and ground-in dirt to embedded household allergens and pet stains.

Make sure your carpet cleaner rental is as effective as possible by choosing the right formulas to accompany it. Get the answers you need by clicking on any of the questions below.

Can cleaning formulas other than BISSELL, be used in the Big Green®?


For maximum cleaning results, BISSELL does not recommend using cleaning products other than BISSELL specified in the Big Green. BISSELL formulas are specially formulated with more “active” ingredients, contain no dyes and are designed for use in the BISSELL Big Green.

Which BISSELL formulas are for use in the machine? Which ones are spot cleaners?


BISSELL offers four different formulas specifically designed for use with the Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine®: Advanced, Pet, Oxy and Allergen. BISSELL also offers a Heavy Traffic® Pre Cleaner, to penetrate oily soils and loosen deep carpet stains. The OxyDeep® Pro and Pet Urine Stain & Odor are also available as spot and stain removers to help you attack spots and stains as soon as they appear.

Are the machine formulas safe for septic systems?


Once the formulas are mixed with tap water and used with your machine, they are fine to enter your septic system.

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