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With your rental and purchase of BISSELL products, BISSELL Pet Foundation helps bring furry family members home. Thanks for help save hundreds of thousands of shelter pets… and counting. Watch Flynn’s pet adoption story.

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BISSELL Pet Foundation

BISSELL Pet Foundation assists animal welfare organizations nationwide. This includes helping to reduce the number of animals in shelters and rescues through pet adoptions, spay and neuter programs, microchipping and foster care.

BISSELL Pet Foundation
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“Everyone should experience the love of a shelter pet at some point and see how they can change your life.”
— Cathy Bissell

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Our Pet Partnerships

BISSELL Pet Foundation’s Partners for Pets program is designed to support shelters, rescue groups and spay/neuter organizations that are helping to reduce pet overpopulation across the United States.

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Cleaning Tips For Pet Owners

How to Clean Car Upholstery and Car Carpet with Pets

Posted on 7/10/2020
Taking your pets along on car trips can be fun for both of you – whether you are going on a hike, to the beach or just to run errands. In fact, it might make running errands better. What might not be better is the amount of dirt and hair builds up in your vehicle if your dog or cat rides around with you regularly. Here are some tips on how to remove pet hair from your car and to clean your car seats and upholstery.
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A Pet Parent Guide: How Often to Clean Carpets with Pets

Posted on 6/10/2020
Categories: CLEANING UP TOUGH PET MESSES, How to Clean Carpets
With pets come extra responsibility and the extra dander, hair, dirt, and messes that love to live in carpet. At BISSELL Rental, we see pets as furry family members and we have all the solutions and tips to extending the life of your carpet with pets. 
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Preparing your Home Before Adopting a New Pet

Posted on 2/4/2020
Categories: Cleaning for Kids & Family, CLEANING UP TOUGH PET MESSES
Bringing home a new pet is an exciting and memorable time for both your family and your new furry friend. In our opinion, the best way to bring home a new pet is by adoption from a local animal shelter or rescue. At BISSELL Rental, we are proud to support BISSELL Pet Foundation® and the work that they do to find homes for pets in rescues and shelters.
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Partying with Pets: Holiday Hosting Tips for Parties in Homes with Pets

Posted on 11/26/2019
Categories: CLEANING UP TOUGH PET MESSES, Seasonal Cleaning
It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Connecting with friends and family, even co-workers outside the office, is the best part of the holidays. Are you hosting a holiday party this year? Do you have pets? Great! We have stress free holiday tips on the best ways to handle your party animals.
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Posted on 10/18/2016 by BISSELL Rental
Categories: Carpet Cleaning, CLEANING UP TOUGH PET MESSES, FAQ, Rental
We love pets so much at BISSELL Rental, we dedicate a lot of time to determining how best to clean up after them. Click here to see what we've learned.


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