Partying with Pets: Holiday Hosting Tips for Parties in Homes with Pets

Posted on 11/26/2019
Categories: Pets & Their Messes, Seasonal/Event
It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Connecting with friends and family, even co-workers outside the office, is the best part of the holidays. Are you hosting a holiday party this year? Do you have pets? Great! We have stress free holiday tips on the best ways to handle your party animals.

Tips to Prep for a Holiday Party

Prep work is key for great parties. Cleaning the house, making the food, planning the drinks – that’s all on the list. Don’t forget to get your pets and their areas ready too!

Prepare your Home

  • Now is the time to give your home a deep clean. Organize your clutter, dust, and clean your carpets to get your home party-perfect. BISSELL Big Green® carpet deep cleaner is great at removing set-in carpet stains, lifting up your pet’s hair, and even cleaning fabric upholstery too!
  • Plan for a quiet space for your pet. Some cats are shy and dogs can get overwhelmed too, especially small ones. Have a space they can escape from the party with white noise or a radio, their bed, and their favorite toys.
  • Change the cat’s litter box and make sure it is still accessible during the party.
  • Keep all party food and drinks out of pets’ reach.

Prepare your Pets

  • Work on party behavior with your dog for a week or two before people visit. Teaching dogs to not jump on visiting guests will help ease stress around the holidays, during parties, and other occasions.
  • Feed and exercise your pet before the party. A good long walk or plenty of playtime before the party may help keep energy levels in check.
  • Get treats or new toys for pets for the day of the party to reinforce good behavior and give them something to do besides be around people.
  • Prepare your Guests

  • Let guests know that you have a dog or cat in case of allergies.
  • Consider hiring a pet sitter or asking a family member to keep an eye on your pet during the party. You may be busy with hosting and keeping up with the food and not notice if your pet tries to escape when people open the door.

Tips for Hosting a Holiday Party – with Pets!

It’s party time! The decorations are beautiful, the food is prepared, and the doorbell will start ringing in a few minutes. What do you do with your pets?

Party Tips for Stress Free Pets

  • Introduce your pets slowly during the party. If they like to rush the door, keep them in their quiet space until most people have arrived. Hopefully that will help with any jumping or accidents as your guests arrive.
  • Ask guests not to feed your pets any people food as you introduce them.
  • Clean up drink & food spills right away so your pets won’t get sick from eating anything not safe for them.
  • Check the trash can occasionally to make sure the dog stays out.
  • Watch for signs of pet stress. If they need to relax in their quiet space, take them away from the party for a while.
    • Dog stress is shown by raised hair on neck and back, tail curling around backside, eyes very wide open, or growling.
    • A stressed cat can hide or become aggressive, eliminate inappropriately, excessively groom, or vocalize.
  • Have treats on hand during the party to encourage your pet’s good behavior.
    Have a carpet spray cleaner on hand, in case of any pet accidents. BISSELL Rental Pet Stain spot cleaner is a great choice to eliminate pet stains and odors.
All good things must come to an end. As people leave, watch your pet closely to make sure they don’t accidentally get through a door or gate. You may want to put your pet in another room while your holiday guests are leaving for peace of mind.

With the above tips, you can host a great party with happy pets. Enjoy the holidays!

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