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Posted on 10/17/2016 by BISSELL Rental
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BISSELL Rental's quick three-step approach to cleaning out closet clutter will help you reclaim this valuable space and keep it organized.

We've all been there before. Company is on their way and you need to hide the clutter--right now. The obvious choice is to shove it all into a closet and close the doors. That's one of the reasons a closet is a space that can become very cluttered, very quickly. Of course, most of us also have a lot of clothing, shoes and linens that can easily be stored in a closet as well, so overloaded closets are a fairly common issue.

Luckily, we have some quick tips on clearing the clutter from your closet so you can reclaim this valuable space and keep it organized. And it doesn't take a lot of effort with this three-step approach:

Step 1: Sort through your items
This step may be easier done by first removing everything from the closet. Then, as you put items back, you can organize the contents to your liking.

Much of the clutter comes from items that we no longer use but are keeping "just in case." Take this opportunity to sort through everything, donating or throwing away items you no longer use. Here’s a good rule of thumb: if you haven't used the item in a year and don't foresee yourself using it anytime soon, donate or get rid of it. The same timetable applies to clothing items.

TIP: If there are clothing items you are on the fence about, take a rubber band and wrap it around the hanger. Next time you wear this clothing item, remove the rubber band. Then, check back six months later. If there are still rubber bands on any items, gather them up and add them to the donate pile!

Step 2: Clean every surface--including the floor
Now that everything is out of the closet, do some cleaning of the space. Wipe down any shelves or fixtures that have been collecting dust and other debris. Remove items from the floor and vacuum it if you have carpet.

Another great thing to do for your closet once or twice a year is to deep clean the carpet to remove deep down dirt and debris that vacuuming alone can't reach. Once your carpet is fresh and clean, you'll be more comfortable storing clothes, linens and other delicate items in this space.

Deep cleaning can also help remove stains and odors from your carpet--and keep them off the other items you keep in your closet.

Step 3: Put items back and organize
Now that the space is clear and clean, place the items you want to keep back into the closet. This is the time to organize it. Group like items together, either by type of item, season or even color. Arrange shoes and other items on the floor or on shelves in a way that keeps them all visible and easy to reach.

Go ahead and organize the space in a way that works for your needs: there are no rules on the right way to do it. If it works for you, then it works!
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