How to Get Candle Wax Out of Carpet

Posted on 9/4/2020
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Candles are so nice to have in our homes, right? They add a pleasant scent to the air and a warm glow to the room. Sometimes just lighting a candle is enough to start relaxing into your evening. But what happens if your pet or child knocks your candle off the end table or you fell asleep on the couch and now there is spilled wax? We can help you remove candle wax from the carpet in just a few easy steps. 

What You’ll Need To Remove Candle Wax From Carpet:

Gather your supplies together before you start to clean the wax spills and stains on your carpet. Your wax carpet cleaning kit should include:
  • Ice pack or waterproof plastic bag with ice in it (plus maybe a towel to wrap it in too)
  • Butter knife or scraper
  • Paper bag and clean terry cloth towel
  • Warm iron
  • Carpet cleaner spray, like Oxy Deep® Pro
  • White or color-safe cloth
  • Vacuum

How to Clean Candle Wax From Carpet

1) Freeze the wax

Lay your ice pack on the stained carpet to harden the wax and allow it to freeze. Make sure you don’t get the wax wet from leaks or condensation because that will make it difficult to get the stain up. Leave the ice on until you are sure the wax is completely frozen.

2) Scrape up as much spilled wax as possible

Using the butter knife or scraper, gently remove the wax off the carpet fibers. Hopefully you can get all of the spilled candle wax off this way. If you can, skip the next two steps!

3) Cover the candle wax stain

If you still have some wax in the carpet fibers, cover the stain with a paper bag or clean terry cloth towel. Also, have another towel right next to the stain so that as you shift the bag/towel around you aren’t moving the stain around too

4) Iron the stain

  • Turn your iron on low heat with no steam. The goal here is to absorb the spilled candle wax remains onto the paper bag, but to be careful with your carpet. High heat and steam can ruin or melt carpet fibers, so the lower the temperature the better. In fact, you may want to test first in an inconspicuous area, just to make sure that your carpet fibers won't get damaged even by low heat.
  • Keep your iron moving slowly and don’t leave it resting in one place.
  • Turn the paper bag often as it becomes saturated with wax. It will absorb the wax as it heats up and you’ll want to move to a clean part of the bag frequently.

5) Clean the area with BISSELL® Oxy Deep® Pro

The physical candle wax may be removed from the carpet, but we still need to remove the candle stain and any remnants of color left behind in the carpeting. BISSELL Oxy Deep Pro spot cleaner permanently removes set-in stains and will take care of any last tiny bits or colors in the carpet - fresh or set-in! Be careful not to scrub at the carpet though. It’s been through a lot! Just spray the cleaning solution on and let it sit for five minutes. Then blot it carefully and let it air dry.

6) After the carpet is completely dry, vacuum the whole area.

Getting wax out of carpet may be a little time consuming, but it can be done. Just try to clean it up as soon as you see the spilled candle wax – that will prevent the stain from becoming worse over time.

Feel confident having candles all over your home! It’s easy to clean wax stains up if there’s spilled candle wax. You're one step closer to relaxation, so go ahead and light that candle.
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