Keep Your Carpet Clean From Fall Allergens

Posted on 9/29/2015 by BISSELL Rental
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Follow these tips from BISSELL Rental to reduce fall allergens and dust mite waste from your carpet.

Football season has begun, the kids are back in school and all the summer flowers have bloomed. So why are you still sneezing with a runny nose and itchy eyes? With fall and the change of leaves comes a whole new set of allergy concerns.

Are Fall Allergens Hiding in Your Carpet?

Ragweed is prevalent in the fall and even if you don’t have it nearby, it can travel for miles in the wind. Dust is another common fall allergen that can be stirred into the air when you first turn on the heat and can easily become embedded deep into the fibers of your carpet. Vacuuming alone can only remove some of the dust and other allergens from your carpet and some vacuums can actually release them back into the air.
At BISSELL, we’ve been making cleaning products for almost 140 years and in that time we’ve learned a thing or two about cleaning best practices. Our experience and research has revealed that deep cleaning is a great way to reduce dust and allergens from your home.

Deep Cleaning Carpets and Upholstery Helps Remove Allergens

Deep cleaning helps remove deep down dirt and allergens from the fibers of your carpet in ways that normal vacuuming simply can’t. Plus, deep cleaning formulas (such as the Advanced Clean and Protect Formula from BISSELL) are designed not only to clean, but to help remove allergens and dust mite waste in addition to pet dander and pollen. If your family suffers from seasonal allergies, it’s wise to deep clean your carpet at the start or end of every season.
Another easy way to reduce dust and allergens in your home includes deep cleaning upholstery and draperies. Best of all, you can use the same BISSELL Rental deep cleaning machines you use for your carpets. If you are particularly sensitive to seasonal allergens, you might want to consider these steps as well:
  1. Keep windows closed
  2. Use an air purifier or humidifier
  3. Use allergen-reducing pillows and other allergen products
A rental carpet cleaning machine from BISSELL is a fast, easy and affordable way to help control dust and allergens in your home. Best of all, they’re available at thousands of retail locations nationwide. Find a Location today to get started. 

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