Monthly Care to Maintain a Clean Home

Posted on 4/13/2018 by BISSELL Rental
Categories: Moving & Home Maintenance
Every home has areas that may not get a regular cleaning. With these fast and easy ideas, you can clean up forgotten spots in a snap and make them part or your monthly cleaning routine. The result is an even cleaner home.
1. Vacuum the Couch
Since it’s one of the most popular seats in the house, your couch most likely collects its fair share of dirt and debris. Regularly removing and vacuuming the cushions, the area underneath and any crevices keeps messes from building up.
2. Put Out the Welcome Mat
Your doormat is the first defense against incoming dirt and grime. For natural-fiber mats, shake out debris and scrub any remaining dirt using a stiff-bristle brush and warm water. For doormats made of carpet, use the Heavy Traffic® pretreat and spot cleaner to get rid of dirt and other stains.
3. A Dishwasher That Sparkles
With all of its use, your dishwasher needs a little upkeep now and then. First, remove any food and debris from the drain. Next, place a cup of white vinegar in a dishwasher-safe container in the top rack and run a cycle to help clean away any buildup and odors.
4. The Spin on a Clean Washing Machine
Another often-used appliance that can usually use a good cleaning is your washing machine. Start by removing any dirt and debris from in and around the machine. Then, wipe down rubber surfaces where mold can accumulate with a solution of bleach and water. Be sure to check your owner’s manual for additional operating recommendations.
5. Show Your Fans Some Appreciation
Giving your standing and ceiling fans a good cleaning can help ensure you are circulating the freshest air possible. To clean standing fans, unplug them first and remove the front grill. Then, use a vacuum or damp cloth to clean the blades and the rest of the fan. For ceiling fans, slip a pillowcase over the blades to gather the dust. Compressed air can also be used to clean the motor and force out dirt and debris.
We all have spots in our home that we don’t think about cleaning on a consistent basis. But once you’re aware of them, it’s just as easy to keep them as clean as the rest of your home. And, once you’re done, your house will be even cleaner!
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