Quick and Easy Summer Cleaning

Posted on 10/6/2016 by BISSELL Rental
Categories: Seasonal/Event
Summertime is here, and that means more foot traffic in and out of your home, more dirt and especially more allergies! While you may want to ditch your cleaning routine for fun in the sun, it’s to your advantage to do some regular maintenance to reduce dirt and allergens in your home. It doesn’t have to be time consuming, either. Just follow our summer cleaning tips, and you’ll be enjoying your clean home sooner than you imagined!
Stop Dirt From Entering
It can be difficult—especially if you have kids or pets—but you do your best to stop dirt in its tracks and prevent it from entering your home. We find that a nylon mat at each door is a good tactic, as well as implementing a “no shoes” rule in the carpet rooms. To stay organized, add a shelf or mat near each door where shoes can be easily stored.
If you are having a big graduation celebration or anticipate a lot of treading on your carpet this summer, don’t be afraid to use a plastic mat in high-traffic areas. It will help protect your carpet from dirt and debris. After all, you may not be able to ask all your guests to remove their shoes!
Summer Allergens
Warm summer months are the peak of allergy season, so if a member of your family suffers from severe allergies, close the windows and run the air conditioning on hot days. Keeping your home cool helps slow down mold and mildew growth, too.
And, of course, we already know that vacuuming regularly can help cut down on allergens in the air and the carpeting in your home, so be sure to keep up with your regular vacuuming routine. It’s important to also deep clean your carpets during the summer months. Deep cleaning can eliminate dirt, debris and odors that you can’t remove by vacuuming alone. It can also help reduce allergens embedded in your carpet. A good time to deep clean is either before summer begins or after the kids go back to school.
We know that a lot of the cleaning you do during the summer months can just be following your family around to pick up their messes! Use our tips to maintain your carpet’s appearance and extend its useful life. We help make it quick and easy—so you can get back to having fun, relaxing and enjoying your summer.
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