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BISSELL Rental’s Summer Stain Cleaning Guide

Are you ready for summer? We are at BISSELL Rental! It’s our favorite time of year. Who doesn’t love being outside on a beautiful sunny day, maybe even by a pool? The only thing we look forward to more is spending those sunny days with family and friends. But all that fun in the outdoors can sometimes find its way indoors in the form of stains. We know people tend to sneak inside to enjoy the air conditioning and then – boom – you have ice cream on the carpet. Luckily, knowing how to clean carpet stains, even common summer stains, is easy.
We’ve created this easy Summer Cleaning guide to help you clean summer stains so you can get back to enjoying summertime sooner.

Ice Cream, Chocolate Milk, Pet Accidents, Fruit Juice, Ketchup, Beer, Blood

You don’t have to learn how to clean disgusting carpet – we won’t let it get that far! First, pick up what you can of the mess. If there are big pieces or a lot of excess liquid, scrape as much out of the carpet as you can. Don’t push it into the carpet though! Grab an enzyme-action carpet cleaner, like Pet Urine Stain & Odor spray. It seems like an odd choice for some of these stains, but it’s a good first step in spot and deep cleaning. When used as directed, enzymes attack and destroy stains and odors by breaking down protein, starches and oils and they stay active until the urine is gone. Our patented technology eliminates tough pet odors.
Work the formula into the stain with a cloth, using light strokes moving from the edge of the stain towards the center. No scrubbing required! When you reach the center of the stain, lightly pinch in an upward motion. Then spray a little more formula on the stain and put a damp, white cloth over the top. Let it sit for 24-48 hours to keep those enzymes working on the stain and odor to finish off the stain removal.

For a deep carpet cleaning you can feel good about, rent a BISSELL Big Green® at the nearest retail location by you.

Mud, Sunscreen, Coffee, Make-up, Jelly

Sometimes stains are a little tricky to clean. Our Heavy Traffic Pretreat & Spot Cleaner is a powerful everyday cleaner that helps remove many spots and stains. It penetrates and loosens tough, oily carpet stains and embedded dirt, leaving behind a clean, fresh scent and no sticky residue. Heavy Traffic spray is non-caustic and does not contain bleach or phosphates. Use it on surfaces that you and your family touch every day: carpet, upholstery, area rugs, stairs, cushions, couches, car seats, and more.
To actually clean the stain, use the same steps as you would above. Gently scrape or blot up excess mess without pushing it down further into the carpet fibers. Then spray the area of the stain, and let it sit for a few minutes. Gently wipe in towards the center of the stain then gently pinch and lift out the middle.
The last step, to make sure that stains are gone for good, is to deep carpet clean with BISSELL Rental carpet deep cleaning machine. Find one near you today!

Dirt, Grass Stains, Red Wine, Salad Dressing, Pop, Tea, Popsicles

Last, but certainly not least, our OxyDeep Pro® Pretreat & Spot Cleaner permanently removes tough set-in stains without hard scrubbing. Oxygen-based stain removal formulas start working on contact to mobilize, penetrate, and lift stains at the source so they won’t reappear. No need to scrub with OxyDeep Pro. Just remember to remove any big chunks of debris or extra moisture before spraying and avoid pushing the extra moisture down into the carpet.
Deep carpet cleaning will remove any remainder of all the stains. Are you not sure how to shampoo carpet? We can help:

Five Easy Steps to Deep Clean Carpet:

Rent the Deep Cleaning Machine

Rent a BISSELL Big Green deep cleaning machine from a store near you.

Vacuum Carpet

Before deep carpet cleaning, vacuum the area thoroughly.

Prepare the Machine

Prepare the machine to deep carpet clean by removing the dirty water tank to get to the clean tank. Fill the clean tank with hot top water and fill with two capfuls of a BISSELL carpet cleaning formula.

Using the Machine

Plug in machine and turn on. Press down the trigger and move slowly forward then back over the same area. Let go of the trigger and forward and backward again over that area. Continue until the whole carpet has been cleaned.

Clean the Machine

When you have finished cleaning, empty and rinse both tanks. Check the bottom of the carpet deep cleaner and remove any hair or debris in the brush rolls or wheels. Also wipe the bottom of the machine to get all the moisture.
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