Three Reasons to Deep Clean This Fall

Posted on 9/29/2015 by BISSELL Rental
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Most people do their major home cleaning during the springtime, but it’s just as important to get a deep clean in the fall. Sure, we know, you want to be outside and soak in the last nice days of the year before the weather turns cool, but we hope you can consider these three reasons to deep clean your carpet this fall.
1. The Holidays are Coming
The holiday season is approaching faster than you would think and that means parties, guests and more parties. Knock one item off of your to-do list early and get your carpets cleaned now. This will save time during the already busy holiday season. If you clean now, before you are stressed with presents, menus and guest lists, you’ll only have to do a quick surface clean before your guests arrive.
Deep cleaning pro tip: When deep cleaning before the holiday rush, be sure to use Advanced Clean and Protect cleaning formula. It contains StainProtect™ Protector and will help protect your carpet against any stains that may occur between deep cleaning and the holidays.
2. Cleaning in Sections Makes the Job More Manageable
If you’re only deep cleaning your carpet once a year, or not at all, think of the large job you are leaving yourself around the holidays. Diving the house into sections and deep cleaning twice a year makes the job more manageable. You can spend less time cleaning your rooms and more time enjoying life in them.
In addition, if you have children or other family who spends their time in the carpeted rooms, you may have to relocate them while you are deep cleaning the area. Deep cleaning during the fall means the kids can enjoy the last few nice days and play outside in the leaves while you tackle cleaning the carpet.
3. You’re Closing Up Shop
Probably the most important reason to deep clean in the fall is because the cooler months are fast approaching. Once the weather turns cold, chances are you are going to close your doors and windows and won’t open them back up until springtime. Once you do that, you are trapping all of the summer’s mud, dirt, dust, grime and allergens inside with you.
Deep cleaning in the fall can help ensure you enjoy a cozy winter without additional allergens and dust in your carpet. You’ll be able to rest easy knowing that your carpets are clean and fresh  for sorting Halloween candy or opening Christmas presents.
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