What BISSELL Products Should Be on Your Christmas List?

Posted on 12/21/2015 by BISSELL Rental
Categories: Seasonal/Event
If you are hosting holiday parties or guests this year, you might want to add some deep cleaning products to your wish list, especially for post-holiday clean up. We have some BISSELL products to consider adding to your list so that you can enjoy the holidays without worrying about the messes.
Advanced Formula
Advanced Clean and Protect is the formula that outcleans all the others. This carpet cleaning formula is great for treating heavily soiled areas such as living rooms and hallways. Best of all? The formula contains StainProtect™ Protection, which helps prevent future stains.
Heavy Traffic®
This pretreat and spot cleaner is great for targeting entrance halls, living rooms and other places in your house that see a lot of activity. Traffic is much heavier during the holidays, so you may need this cleaner to loosen and remove tough stains and embedded dirt. Use it with our Advanced Formula for thorough, deep cleaning.
Oxy Deep® Pretreat and Spot Cleaner
Holiday guests can be wonderful, but they can also be prone to accidents. Dealing with stains from meals or drinks? You’ll want to use this spot and stain remover, specifically designed to target stains like red wine, fruit juice and chocolate.
Pet Urine Stain and Odor Remover
Is there someone in your home who has a puppy or kitten on their Christmas list this year? If Santa is fulfilling that wish, then he should also leave a bottle of Pet Urine Stain and Odor Remover under the tree for you. This formula uses enzyme-powered cleaning action to remove pet messes like urine and feces—common accidents during house training.
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