Why You Should Use Only Bissell Carpet Formulas with the Bissell Deep Cleaner

Posted on 9/28/2015
Categories: How to Clean Stains

Did you know your DIY homemade carpet cleaner may be doing damage? Read here to find out how BISSELL Rental can help

America is a nation of do-it-yourselfers — even when it comes to cleaning their carpets. Some go as far as to concoct their very own cleaning formula, using a special recipe of ingredients they have around the house. Is that a good idea?
We strongly recommend against it, based on our analysis of the common reasons people give for making their own carpet cleaning formula. Let’s look at the key points of their argument:
It’s cheaper.  While the per-gallon cost of “a little vinegar and water” will certainly appear cheaper than the typical carpet cleaning formula, the actual cost may be much higher over the long run. Why? Because using a homemade formula may be doing damage that is not visible to the eye.
For example, one or two cleanings using basic household detergents or cleaning methods can actually strip away any protective coatings (such as StainProtect™ Protector) that your carpet may have. Over time, this loss of stain protection can leave your carpet vulnerable to dirt, stains, and wear. In fact, it may void the manufacturer’s warranty on your carpet, leaving you with no recourse when damage occurs.
It’s safer for the environment. Clearly, a simple and natural cleaning compound like baking soda is not harmful. But BISSELL remains dedicated to providing advanced cleaning formulas that are both highly effective and completely safe for people, pets and the environment. That’s why a number of our formulas have been awarded the EPA/Safer Choice designation, one of the most stringent certification programs in the marketplace today. To learn more about our kid-safe, eco-friendly formulas, click here.   
It’s better for kids and pets.  Most soap products and detergents are better suited to grease removal than carpet cleaning. Due to their chemical composition, they tend to leave behind a sticky residue that actually attracts dirt. That means cleaning with the wrong “recipe” can eventually result in carpets that are more deeply soiled
Even more worrisome, certain combinations of typical household chemicals can be very dangerous. The ammonia in some cleaning solutions can react with chlorine (which is often found in chlorine bleach or some toilet bowl cleaners) to produce chlorine gas, which is very dangerous and can actually be fatal.
In any case, the result you’re most likely after—a cleaner, healthier home—may actually be more elusive if you turn to “home recipes” for carpet cleaning.
They really do clean better.  It’s right there in the science. Every year, BISSELL reinvests in our state-of-the-art research department, always striving to find the safest, most effective and most efficient carpet cleaning methodologies. Based on a thorough understanding of the “chemistry of cleaning,” our team of scientists has created a lineup of carpet cleaning formulas that have demonstrated their ability to clean better than homemade cleaning formulas.
Typically, one of our formulas will contain some combination of 8-10 core ingredients that are designed to maximize the formula’s performance. Each ingredient plays its own role, and the interaction of these ingredients helps to optimize your cleaning results.
So, when it comes to deep cleaning your carpet, it’s important to use the BISSELL deep cleaning formulas designed to go along with the BISSELL Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine®. You wouldn’t want to use diesel fuel in your hybrid, right?
Our professional-strength deep cleaning formulas are designed specifically for the BISSELL Big Green Cleaning Machine. These formulas are earth friendly, containing only biodegradable detergents with no phosphates or dyes.
We offer a wide variety of formulas, including advanced and pet formulas, as well as green cleaning products. All of our carpet cleaning formulas are specifically designed to tackle a variety of stains and odors, and they can be used on both carpet AND upholstery.
The bottom line? To maximize your results, we recommend that you always use only BISSELL carpet cleaning formulas. Just choose the one that is best suited to your needs.


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