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How to Clean Car Upholstery and Car Carpet with Pets

Posted on 7/10/2020
Categories: Upholstery, Stairs & Auto Cleaning
Taking your pets along on car trips can be fun for both of you – whether you are going on a hike, to the beach or just to run errands. In fact, it might make running errands better. What might not be better is the amount of dirt and hair builds up in your vehicle if your dog or cat rides around with you regularly. Here are some tips on how to remove pet hair from your car and to clean your car seats and upholstery.
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An Easy Guide to Cleaning the Couch and Upholstered Chairs

Posted on 6/10/2019
Categories: How to Clean Stains, Upholstery, Stairs & Auto Cleaning
Do you ever wonder how to clean your couch or chairs? They can both be kind of awkward and probably aren’t a part of your regular cleaning routine. But no one wants to sit down and relax on a couch or chairs covered in stains. BISSELL Rental is here to help. We put together this quick guide on how to clean a fabric couch and chairs. And keep it clean!
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How to deep clean your car's carpet & upholstery

Posted on 1/17/2019
Categories: Upholstery, Stairs & Auto Cleaning

Some days, your busy life has you behind the steering wheel from sunup to sundown; your errands and activities punctuated throughout the day by snacks and drinks and, inevitably, a few spills. Luckily, there’s no need to fret the mess. You can treat your car’s carpet and upholstery to the same deep clean as your home without adding a trip to the car wash to your ever-expanding to-do list.

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