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Posted on 10/17/2016
Categories: Carpet Cleaning
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We receive a lot of reviews about the Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine® and we’d like to start sharing them with you. Check out what Jen F. and her husband in Ohio had to say about their experience using our carpet cleaning machine in their home:

“With a new puppy that is finally trained (a few accidents along the way!) but still loves to spend time snuggling and playing on our carpeted living room floor, my husband and I decided it was time to take the plunge and deep clean our carpet.
Rather than having a professional come complete the job (it was only one medium-sized room), we decided to dedicate a Saturday morning to completing the task. It was easy to pick up the machine from the store, and once we got it home, we set it aside while moving all the furniture off the floor.
As my husband moved the couch, I got a stark look at what our carpet really looked like. Our dog loves to lie at our feet right next to the couch. When we removed the couch, the carpet under it was the lovely gray we selected when picking out carpet, but the area where our dog lays: it was brown. BROWN. Dirt, dust, black lab hair, it was all there. Immediately I began thinking that there was no way the carpet would ever be clean again and we should consider replacing it for hardwood floor.
After filling up the machine with the formula and water (easy!), we began using the machine on the carpet and were pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to push. In fact, we were both so excited to use it, we had to alternate! It was clear that the machine was working as it pulled up dog hair and left it behind as the machine passed. And soon we could see the stains disappearing before our eyes. The brown was disappearing! I couldn’t believe it.
Overall, the process took us a lot less time than we anticipated, and that was even with several water/formula changes. We couldn’t be more thrilled with the results: the carpet looks brand new, several puppy potty training stains were removed and the brown area of the carpet was gray again! We would recommend this machine to everyone – and already have raved to our friends and family.”
We’re thrilled to hear what a great experience Jen and her husband had using our machine. Check out more testimonials here and share your own ! We want to hear it all.
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