Cleaning Strategy: Before and After a Party

Posted on 10/17/2016 by BISSELL Rental
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Love throwing holiday parties, but hate cleaning before and after? BISSELL Rental's “before and after” cleaning approach lets you relax and enjoy the party.

You love having guests for the holidays, but you hate cleaning your house before a party—because you know you’ll have to clean again after they leave! We understand. But that shouldn’t stop you from celebrating the holidays with loved ones and guests. Instead, update your strategy by focusing on what needs to be cleaned before your guests come and what can wait until after the party is over (so you can get back to celebrating sooner).

Before - General Cleaning

Start by quickly vacuuming your carpeted, tiled and hardwood floors. Don’t spend too much time on this step and save the deep cleaning for after your guests have gone.
Then, dust off furniture, televisions and mirrors. These surfaces probably won’t need your attention after the party (unless you’ve got some spills).

Next, focus your attention on the rooms where your guests will spend most of their time:

  • Powder room: Clean the toilet and the sink. Straighten up, replace the toilet paper and put out fresh towels.
  • Living room: Fluff pillows, pick up clutter, and straighten any decorations. Depending on how you’re using the space, you can set out appetizers, set up music, or add seating. Keep the mood you want in mind.
  • Kitchen: Clean the counters, empty the trashcan, and pick up any clutter. Make sure your dishwasher or sink is empty so dirty dishes will have a place to go. Unless you have something else in mind for the space, we recommend setting up a drink station or coffee table in your kitchen because spills can be dealt with quickly and easily in the kitchen.

After - Deep Cleaning Carpet Stains

When you have a big crowd or even just a few loved ones over, it’s inevitable that accidents will happen. So, after everyone has gone home, decide what needs to be done first.
If your carpets have been stained by foot traffic or spills, these stains will need to be addressed first. Use the correct carpet cleaning product to treat and clean them.

Rent A Carpet Cleaner to Deep Clean!

For example, try the Oxy Deep® Pro Spot and Stain Remover for tough stains. If your carpet is looking particularly dirty, now is a good time to use a deep carpet cleaning machine to tackle those tough stains like dirt and mud. If you have allergies, use the BISSELL Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine® to help reduce allergens before you close your home up for the winter.
Then, give your kitchen a thorough cleaning. The kitchen will have been the site of the most traffic—and, consequently, the most germs. Mop the floors, clean the counters, and finish any dishes you didn’t get to after the party.
Afterwards, we suggest evaluating your powder room. It might just need to be restocked with toilet paper and clean towels. If it isn’t your primary bathroom, it can wait until your next cleaning day.
The “before and after” approach lets you relax and enjoy yourself during your party. And that’s the whole point of entertaining, right?
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