Cleaning Common December Stains

Posted on 12/21/2015 by BISSELL Rental
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Despite your best intentions, holiday messes can make you feel less than festive. The holiday aftermath of cleaning up meals, picking up gift packaging and wrapping paper, and returning gifts is exhausting enough without battling carpet stains. Here are a few tips on being prepared for seasonal cleaning challenges that may come your way.
The Sooner, the Cleaner
Treating a stain as soon as it occurs can help make it much easier to remove, so having BISSELL Heavy Traffic® or Oxy Deep® cleaners on hand when accidents happen is very helpful. Both of these products can be found on the rental rack along with the Big Green Deep Cleaning Machines®.
Remember to let the cleaner do the work. For most stains, begin by generously and evenly spraying the stain. Work it into the area by using light strokes, moving from the edges into the center and pinching in an upward motion once you reach the center. For particularly tough stains, spray the stain and let the formula set in and work its magic for 5–10 minutes.
Not sure which formula to try? Read below for some common December stains:
Christmas Tree Sap
The key to treating Christmas tree sap is letting it dry so it can be scraped off of carpet fibers. Treat what remains with BISSELL Heavy Traffic® precleaner, which will loosen the sap and make it easier to remove. However, if stains persist, try using the BISSELL Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine® (or our portable cleaner) filled with hot water.
Colored Stains
When you find yourself faced with colored stains, like cocktail sauce, coffee, red wine or juice, try Oxy Deep®. This oxygen-based pretreater works to break up the color of the stain.
Slush, Dirt and Mud
If it’s just a spot or two, BISSELL Heavy Traffic® should do the trick. However, if the mess is more widespread, renting a carpet cleaner and using Advanced Clean and Protect with StainProtect™ Protection is recommended. Not only does this formula outclean all other formulas, but it will also help protect against future stains.
If the holidays in general leave your carpets looking a little less than desirable, deep cleaning with a Big Green® machine will help bring some life back to them. If you’re stuck indoors anyway, you might as well make the most of it!
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