Wintertime Cleaning Tips

Posted on 12/21/2015 by BISSELL Rental
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Wintertime is at full force, and that probably means your doors and windows are sealed up tight, keeping the cold temperatures out. Unfortunately, that also means you’re probably locking in germs, dust and dirt (not to mention what you’re bringing in from the outdoors).
Just because you can’t open the doors and windows to get some fresh air doesn’t mean you have to wait until spring to get some cleaning done. We have some simple cleaning tips to ensure your home stays neat and clean all winter long.
Limit What You Bring In
There’s no getting around it: During the winter months, you bring dirt, salt and dirty snow right inside your home. One easy fix to avoid tracking in these stains is to place a rough mat made of coir, wood or rubber at your entry doors. The mat allows family and guests to get some of the dirty snow and salt off of their shoes before they come inside. For extra protection, add a second mat inside the door but choose one that’s absorbent. This second mat can soak up some of the extra melted snow and salt.
Wash and Dust
If possible, you should try to wash and dust items that tend to collect dust before the winter months begin. These items include light fixtures, the top of cabinets, kitchen appliances and electronics. If you are already in the midst of winter before you dust and clean these items, don’t stress. Just be sure to vacuum the area after to collect any dust that escaped your damp rag.
Clean Your Furnace
Cleaning your furnace not only helps keep your air and your house cleaner, it can help make your home more energy efficient and help you save money on your heating bill each month. Be sure to change the furnace filter as often as your specific furnace recommends; it can be as often as once a month. Take the time to check the actual furnace, too. It can easily become coated in dirt and dust.
Deep Clean
There’s no wrong time to deep clean your carpet! Deep cleaning is a breeze, even in the wintertime, and it can remove set-in stains, debris and odor—even those that are embedded deep within the fibers of your carpet. Winter weather can mean more time spent indoors, playing on carpet and floors, so make sure your carpets are freshly deep cleaned and ready for hours of indoor play.
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