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Posted on 2/12/2019
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Carpet Cleaning Pet Stains

Carpeting can make a home feel warm and inviting. It provides a soft space for kids to play, a comfy bed for your pets and a cozy place to relax after a long day at work. But lots of foot traffic means that dirt and hair can easily be embedded into carpet fibers. What does this mean? Carpets can go from looking new and plush to old and worn in a short period of time. It’s no surprise that your carpets may be ready for a new look. Here are some tips on how to clean your carpets to get them back to their cozy best.

Carpet Cleaning Pet Stains

How to Clean Carpet

Vacuum Before Deep Cleaning

First Things first: Vacuum before deep carpet cleaning to remove dry dust and debris. Many BISSELL vacuums come with attachments to help clean corners and baseboards. Don’t skip over those important areas.

Apply Pretreat Spray

Maximize your results with one of our pretreat sprays. We have special formulas for pet stainstough set-in stains and heavy traffic areas. Before deep carpet cleaning, simply spray onto spots and heavily soiled areas. Wait about 5 minutes and then start your deep carpet cleaning with a BISSELL Big Green® machine rental.

Wash and Repeat

Deep carpet cleaning gets rid of that deep-down dirt, gives carpet a professional clean, and makes it cozy again. Get professional-grade carpet cleaning any time you want by renting a BISSELL Big Green Carpet Cleaning Machine®. After you get home, fill the clean tank with hot tap water. Then add machine formula – the clean tank cap doubles as a measuring cup. Just fill it up and dump it in twice and you are ready to go. When you are cleaning carpet, do a forward and backward pass with the trigger held down. This puts water and formula into the carpet.

How to Clean Carpet Stains

If you need to figure out how to clean carpet stains, we have the answers! First, ask yourself what kind of carpet stain needs cleaning?

Colored Stains

Is it a colored stain? Our Oxy Deep® Pro spray cleaner is an oxygen-based cleaner that will take the color out of stains in carpet.

Pet Accident Stains

Did your pet have an accident? Try our Pet Urine Stain & Odor spray. It is an enzyme-based cleaner that helps eliminate odors, so the pet won’t mark again in that spot.

Extra Dirty Carpet Stains

Is your carpet just extra dirty in one spot? Try our Heavy Traffic spray to loosen and remove embedded dirt.

After you pick the right pretreat stain remover for you, spray it on the stain. Let it sit for a few minutes and then lightly brush the cleaner towards the center of the stain with a white cloth. Don’t rub it in. When you reach the center of the stain, pinch it lightly in an upward motion. Then let it dry.
The final tip for how to deep clean carpet stains is that it’s best to clean carpet afterward with a BISSELL Rental Big Green. One reason to do that extra step is that stains spread out once they hit the carpet backing. The stain could be spread over a larger area than you see, and that could cause it to come back eventually.

How to Clean Carpet on Stairs

Deep cleaning carpet on stairs is a lot easier when you rent the Upholstery & Stair Cleaning Tool along with your Big Green rental. The Upholstery & Stair Cleaning Tool is only $5 per rental and will make stair cleaning a breeze.
Ready the Big Green by adding clean water and formula. Attach the Upholstery & Stair Cleaning Tool to the top of the dirty water tank. Then, turn the Big Green on and press the trigger on the tool, keeping the tool about 1” above the carpet. Spray a workable area on the stair, then put the tool on the carpet with the trigger still pressed and deep clean the carpet by pulling the tool back towards you. Let go of the trigger and go back over the spot once or twice, until no more moisture is being suctioned up by the tool. Repeat until all the stairs are clean!

How Often Should I Deep Clean Carpet?

We recommend deep cleaning carpet twice a year. It’s good to get all the winter dirt out during spring cleaning and then clean out the dust of summer in the fall. Another good time to clean your carpet is early November, before the holiday season starts. Cleaning your carpets before having guests over is sure to make your home more inviting.

Where can I Find a Carpet Cleaner Rental Near Me?

Finding a carpet shampooer rental near you is easy. Just go to our Location Search tool and type in your zip code (US) or postal code (CA). You can pick a search radius from 5- to 100-miles to find the most convenient locations for BISSELL Rental rug cleaner rentals.

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Find A BISSELL Carpet Cleaner Rental

Next time your carpet needs cleaning, look for a store that carries BISSELL Rental. Go to our Location Search Tool and type in your zip code (or postal code if you are in Canada) and choose a 10-, 25-, 50- or 100-mile radius to find stores in your area.
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