Deep Clean Before Holiday Decorating

Posted on 12/21/2015 by BISSELL Rental
Categories: Cleaning for Events
For some, decking the halls with holiday décor is the best part of Christmas. Decorations are definitely part of the tradition, regardless of whether you decorate every square inch of your home or just keep it simple.
Because holiday decorating often requires you to shift around furniture and tabletop items, it’s a great idea to start with a good cleaning before you get out all of your decorations. Begin by removing and storing your day-to-day décor that will be replaced with holiday decorations. Then, wipe down hard surfaces to remove dust and vacuum the floors thoroughly, especially the corners, edges and areas where you moved furniture.
If you plan to entertain during the season, now is a great time to deep clean your carpets before your tree and decorations are in place. (You’ll feel better knowing your guests are focused on your hospitality and not distracted by dirty carpets.)
Begin by pretreating any spots and then clean with BISSELL Advanced Clean and Protect with StainProtect™ Protection to defend your carpets from any holiday treats that might hit the floor. Because your carpet dries faster† with the Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine® than the other leading rental carpet cleaner, you will be in full-on decorating mode in no time.
Now comes the fun part: put on your favorite holiday music on and get decorating!
†Drying results compared to Rug Doctor Mighty Pro and X3 rental carpet cleaners.
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