Deep Clean Before Holiday Decorating

Posted on 11/6/2020 by BISSELL Rental
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Decorating is one of the best parts of the holiday season. It’s fun to put ornaments on the tree that have been picked up on family vacations or to get out decorations passed down from loved ones over the years. There is a special glow around our homes during this time of year, whether you festoon your entire house or keep things simple.

Holiday deep cleaning before or after a party

We recommend starting with a clean slate before you decorate – yes, a holiday cleaning. What better way to show off your beautiful home and decorations than with a clean house underneath? Plus, you’ll have the added benefit of stress relief. Once you get the big clean done, it’s checked off the list and you’ll be able to enjoy the holidays more without worrying when you’ll be able to clean.

You may be asking yourself: How do I keep my house clean for the holidays? We have the tips and tricks you need right here!

Step 1: Declutter & Organize

Spring isn’t the only time of year that the house can be de-cluttered and organized. Fall is when we start spending a lot more time inside, so it makes sense that we take a little extra time to think about what has crept into the house over the summer and if we really need them. Plus, it’s easier to clean if you have already taken the time to organize. Don’t do everything at the same time. Here are some holiday time-saving tips:
  • Go around your house with a basket. Put things away or into the basket if they go to a different room. Then, as you move around the house, things in the basket get put away.
  • Take this time to go through coat closets! Are there some coats, boots, or shoes that are too small and can be donated? That will clear out some space for winter!
  • Go through the refrigerator and pantry. Wipe up spills and toss anything past the expiration date. You’ll probably need some extra space soon.
  • Get your family involved. Now is the time to go through and donate older toys that are no longer played with or to clean up the office or workshop. Plus, they will help make deep cleaning your home go faster!

Step 2: Deep Clean Your Home Before Holiday Decorating

Since holiday decorating often requires you to shift around furniture and tabletop items, it’s a great idea to start with deep cleaning your house before you get out all your decorations. Begin by removing and storing your day-to-day décor that will be replaced with holiday decorations. Then, depending on how deep of a clean you want to do, follow our holiday cleaning checklist.

Holiday Cleaning Checklist

Here is our entire holiday cleaning checklist to help you deep clean your home and prepare for holiday decorating.
  • Dust the corners of your walls and ceilings for cobwebs
  • Dust or wipe down your light fixtures & ceiling fans
  • Clean blinds, wash your curtains, dust your curtain rods
  • Wash the windows – and don’t forget to wipe the window sills
  • Dust bookcases, TVs, tables & chairs
  • Clean countertops, sinks & wipe down appliances (also – does your oven need to be cleaned?)
  • Clean & disinfect trash cans
  • Clean mirrors, toilet & bathtub/showers
  • Sweep & mop the hard floors
  • Wipe baseboards
  • Vacuum – even underneath and behind the larger furniture
  • Clean your carpets by renting a BISSELL Big Green® carpet cleaner !

Holiday Carpet Cleaning

Now that you have the holiday cleaning almost done top-to-bottom, it’s time to clean the carpet. Remove any spring, summer, and fall stains so that your carpet looks clean and fresh this holiday season. Even if guests aren’t coming over as they normally would this year, cleaning your carpet is a good home maintenance project.
Plus, cleaning your carpet is easy with BISSELL Rental. We have thousands of carpet cleaning rental locations nationwide. You can go to any location to pick up a Big Green® carpet cleaning machine and formula. Rent for 24- or 48 hours, whatever works best with your schedule. We even have Upholstery & Stair Cleaning tools for rent if it’s time to touch up the carpeting on your stairs or your couch could use a little cleaning too. Get more information on how to deep clean your carpets here.

Holiday Tree Cleaning Tips

One thing we have to touch on what's important to holiday cleaning is the Christmas tree. If you get a real tree, you know what we mean. By the end of the season, pine needles are everywhere. Bringing in the tree can even create a mess. Plus, artificial trees need a little love, too! Here are some tips for less frustration with your tree this year:
  • Put a garbage bag underneath real trees to catch water spills and bag the tree up to get it out of the house. This will minimize needles everywhere. You can unbag it once it’s out by the curb to recycle.
  • Don't vacuum up needles that drop from the tree. They will clog the vacuum. Instead, sweep the needles into a pile and pick them up with a dustpan.
  • Clean your artificial tree by wiping dust off the branches and base.
  • When you store your artificial tree for the next year, put it in a bag or wrap it with plastic to keep the dust off during the rest of the year.

Step 3: Create a Cleaning Kit

Keep your house clean for the holidays by creating a cleaning kit full of cleaning supplies and essentials so it’s easier to tackle messes when they happen during the holidays. Whether gravy gets spilled on the carpet during dinner (use our Heavy Traffic spray!) or Spot has an accident while the presents are being opened (Pet Urine Stain spray this time!), make sure you have what you need on hand. Put a few sprays and some paper towels in a bucket and you will be calm when a mess happens because you know right where to go.
So, how do you clean for the holidays? We hope these tips have given you a good place to start. But mostly we hope that you enjoy getting out your holiday decorations, making memories this year, and enjoying this holiday season. Cheers!

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