Easter Cleaning Tips

Posted on 10/6/2016 by BISSELL Rental
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BISSELL Rental's Easter Cleaning Tips will help you clean up before company arrives and spring officially begins.

Not only is Easter one of the first holidays of the spring, but it also rounds out the first signs of the season: sunshine, pastel colors, flowers peeking through the dirt and (of course) the annual egg hunt. And for many, a little extra time to clean up before company arrives and spring officially begins!
To prepare for an Easter or springtime celebration at your home, start by clearing up the clutter. Organizing your home is an easy way to begin spring-cleaning, too. Simply make sure that everything on your counters, table or desktop has its own home. Organize papers and create file folders if necessary, use plastic bins to keep toys off the floor and take some time to reorganize your kitchen cabinets. A few hours of organizing can help make it easier to get your home ready for guests.
Next, follow your normal cleaning routine: dust, wipe counters, clean bathrooms, vacuum and wash the floors. In the spirit of spring-cleaning, take it a step further and dust and clean the hard-to-reach places, like behind furniture and in corners. Don’t forget about the Easter egg hunt! The best hiding places can also be those that aren’t cleaned regularly.
In addition to the normal washing and vacuuming you do, take this opportunity to deep clean your carpet. Deep cleaning can get rid of the dirt and dust particles found in the fibers of your carpet that winter left behind. After all, once the kids have found their Easter eggs, they’ll need a clean place to sit and open them, right?
Deep cleaning your carpet with the right carpet cleaning formula can also prevent stains that your celebration may bring. Advanced Clean & Protect containing StainProtect™ cleaning formula will surround the fibers and protect them from future stains, like that juice box your child just dropped.
Spring-cleaning and cleaning your home to have company over doesn’t have to be a hassle. They can go hand-in-hand, so you can be done cleaning and get back to celebrating.
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