Fire Up the Grill and Leave the Stains to Us

Posted on 10/6/2016 by BISSELL Rental
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Fire Up the Grill! BISSELL Rental's best grilling and cleaning tips will make throwing your summer party as easy as can be.

Summertime brings sunshine, warm temperatures and plenty of outdoor fun. One of our favorite ways to celebrate is by firing up the grill and throwing a backyard BBQ with family and friends. We bet you didn’t know that here at BISSELL Rental we’re experts on cleaning up stains AND making the delicious food that creates them. Below, we’ve provided some of our best grilling and cleaning tips to make throwing your summer party as easy as can be.
BBQ Tips
Before you start cooking, make sure to preheat your grill for about 15–25 minutes. This ensures it reaches the right temperature for your food and gets rid of any bacteria on the grates. A preheated grill also sears food, keeps the inside moist and prevents sticking. Follow this handy guide to ensure you’re cooking at the right temperature:
•            High — 400–450 degrees
•            Medium-­‐High — 350–400
•            Medium — 300–350 degrees
•            Low — 250–300 degrees
Once the grill is preheated, give it a quick cleaning. Then, soak a paper towel in vegetable or olive oil, grasp it with tongs and oil up the grates. This will prevent your lean meats and veggies from sticking. And remember, don’t use cooking spray on your grill.
We know it’s hard, but try your best to resist the urge to flip the meat and veggies or check them frequently. You should only need to flip when grill marks form. Use a meat thermometer to check for doneness. Keep in mind that food continues to cook after it comes off the grill, so remove it just before the desired temperature. Tent it with aluminum foil and wait a few minutes before serving.
Once all your food has been removed, it is the perfect time to clean the grates again. It’s easier to clean the grill when it’s hot, so while you’re letting your food rest, use a wire grill brush to remove any char and debris.
BBQ Stain Tips
We know that your BBQ chicken, ribs and other grilled food will be so delicious and juicy that a stain is bound to happen. Luckily, we’re here to help! Be prepared for carpet stains in advance by stocking up on your favorite carpet cleaning formula.
Our favorite for BBQ sauce and other stains like ketchup is the Oxy Deep® Pretreat and Spot Cleaner. It attacks tough, oxidizable stains, permanently removing them from the fibers of your carpet. Work the solution into the stain with a cloth from the edges of the area to the center. Don’t rub the stain—just use light strokes. When you reach the center, gently pinch in an upward motion.
Once a stain occurs, the sooner you pretreat the area with formula, the better. For particularly tough stains, you may need to repeat the cleaning process. The next step is to use the Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine® after guests have left or the next day. Need help using the machine? Learn how to deep clean your carpet here.
Happy grilling!
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