Cleaning Standards for BISSELL Rental Carpet Cleaners

Posted on 6/10/2020
Categories: Carpet Cleaning
BISSELL Rental has always had a rigorous process for cleaning carpet cleaners during our regularly scheduled maintenance visits. However, we have also clarified and updated our cleaning procedures after COVID-19 to provide additional safeguards.
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A Pet Parent Guide: How Often to Clean Carpets with Pets

Posted on 6/10/2020
Categories: Carpet Cleaning, Pets & Their Messes
With pets come extra responsibility and the extra dander, hair, dirt, and messes that love to live in carpet. At BISSELL Rental, we see pets as furry family members and we have all the solutions and tips to extending the life of your carpet with pets. 
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Spring Cleaning Checklist

Posted on 3/9/2020
Categories: Carpet Cleaning, Seasonal/Event
We all love the time of year when temperatures begin to rise and snow and ice start to melt making way for pleasant springtime months – so it must also mean time for spring cleaning is near. Giving your home a deep clean doesn’t have to take weeks and a lot of work. Our spring cleaning checklist makes it easier to head into the springtime months with a clean house!
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Preparing your Home Before Adopting a New Pet

Posted on 2/4/2020
Categories: Pets & Their Messes
Bringing home a new pet is an exciting and memorable time for both your family and your new furry friend. In our opinion, the best way to bring home a new pet is by adoption from a local animal shelter or rescue. At BISSELL Rental, we are proud to support BISSELL Pet Foundation® and the work that they do to find homes for pets in rescues and shelters.
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Partying with Pets: Holiday Hosting Tips for Parties in Homes with Pets

Posted on 11/26/2019
Categories: Pets & Their Messes, Seasonal/Event
It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Connecting with friends and family, even co-workers outside the office, is the best part of the holidays. Are you hosting a holiday party this year? Do you have pets? Great! We have stress free holiday tips on the best ways to handle your party animals.
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Why Giving a Pet as a Gift is Not a Good Idea

Posted on 11/19/2019
Categories: Seasonal/Event
If giving a puppy or kitten as a present has crossed your mind, or if your kids have begged for one and you are about to give in, please reconsider gifting a pet and cross that idea off your list. Even though it’s fun to have a new pet, and we can’t deny that puppies and kittens top the cute scale, giving pets as a gift around the holiday season is a bad idea for several reasons.
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Holiday Cleaning Tips

Posted on 10/29/2019
Categories: Seasonal/Event
The holidays are around the corner and now is the time to prepare your home for guests. Don’t let cleaning the house, both before and after parties, ruin your holiday spirit. Here are some holiday cleaning tips to think about while preparing!
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Empty Nest Season

Posted on 9/9/2019
Categories: Moving & Home Maintenance
It’s Fall; that time of year when the weather starts to cool down and the kids are back in school. Hopefully your household has the back-to-school routine down pat by now.  But if you waved your kids off to college, instead of elementary or high school, your life probably feels much different now. 
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An Easy Guide to Cleaning the Couch and Upholstered Chairs

Posted on 6/10/2019
Categories: How to Clean Stains, Upholstery, Stairs & Auto Cleaning
Do you ever wonder how to clean your couch or chairs? They can both be kind of awkward and probably aren’t a part of your regular cleaning routine. But no one wants to sit down and relax on a couch or chairs covered in stains. BISSELL Rental is here to help. We put together this quick guide on how to clean a fabric couch and chairs. And keep it clean!
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Have Your Most Productive Long Weekend Yet

Posted on 5/6/2019
Categories: Carpet Cleaning, Seasonal/Event
Summer will be here before you know it. Great weather, outdoor fun and a little extra time off work with those three-day holiday weekends. We’re all for spending time outside with family and friends. But, if you do have extra time off, renting a Big Green carpet cleaner to clean your carpet will knock a big chore off your to-do list and freshen up your home during the summer season.
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