Big Green Deep
Cleaning Machine®

BISSELL Rental's Big Green Deep Carpet Cleaning Machine out-cleans the competition.

Looking for the best rental carpet cleaner? Look no further! Our Big Green Deep Carpet Cleaning Machine® features technology designed to clean entire rooms quickly and easily. Our carpet cleaner cleans better, dries faster than the leading rental carpet cleaning machine!*

  • Powerful Rotating DirtLifter® PowerBrush
  • Machine cleans on both forward and backward pass
  • Two-tank system that is easy to fill and empty

*cleaning results compared to the leading carpet cleaning machines based upon measurements of color reflectance and brightness of carpet fibers.  

$29.99 for 24 hour rental*

$39.99 For 48 hour rental*

*price may vary by market or location

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Accessories and cleaning formulas can be found at your rental location.

Attachment Hose
Attachment Hose and Stain Tool
9 foot hose and 6 inch stain tool to help clean tough spots and stains

$5.00 for 24 or 48 hour period  

Advanced Formula
The most powerful deep cleaning formula

$29.99/52 oz bottle
$22.99/32 oz bottle

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Posted by David F on August 30, 2015


I was thoroughly satisfied with this equipment. It did an outstanding job. Because of our dogs, we normally clean our carpets every 4-6 months. Normally, I use the Rug Doctor, but I decided to try and use this one. Without question, the Bissell Big Green Clan Machine did a much better job of cleaning our carpets. It had been about 6 months since the last time, and it pulled so much out of our carpets, I was surprised. Also it is a lot easier to use. I also liked the idea of not having to empty it out as often as the Rug Doctor. I don't know if I can buy this equipment, but if I can, I will seriously consider it. I used to own the original Big Green Clean machine, the canister one. I was happy with that too. After several years of use, the motor finally gave out. I never replaced it. Hmm... I have to consider it might be time. Bissell thank you again. Blessings.

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