Rent the BISSELL® Upholstery & Stair Cleaning Tool for a Complete Clean

We all have some hard-to-clean areas in our homes. If your list includes stairs, upholstery and challenging, high-traffic areas, renting the BISSELL Big Green Carpet Cleaning Machine® accessory tool when you rent the cleaner can be the perfect solution.

Reach Those Tough Spots

The accessory tool makes getting rid of stains and messes on stairs or behind heavy furniture easier than ever. The tool’s nine-foot hose attaches easily to the Big Green Carpet Cleaning Machine and allows for optimal maneuverability while maintaining the power needed to get the cleaning job done.

Easily Clean Furniture Fabrics

From relaxing in your favorite recliner to settling in on the sofa for family movie night, chances are that your furniture gets a lot of use. The accessory tool is ideal for getting out the stains of everyday life easily and quickly. Have your furniture looking refreshed and inviting again in no time.

The accessory tool makes it possible to get a thorough clean, no matter where messes happen to be. Just rent this versatile tool at the same time as the Big Green Carpet Cleaning Machine and restore a deep clean to even the hardest to reach places in your home.